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Chewing on chewing gum  ... by John R. Posted Mon 18 Jun 2012 6:10am Chewing on chewing gum  keeps memories from sticking in the brain There could be something in this.  Doing more than one thing at a time may be a distraction Chewing gum can be annoying to people around you and it leaves a sticky mess behind, but now researchers say it can also hamper your memory.  According to experts from Cardiff Un ... Read on »
Chewing Gum: Could it Actually Be Good For You? by Carolyn C. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 14 Mar 2011 10:24pm As a life-long gum chewer (yes, even wellness coaches have vices), I’ve been surprised and intrigued by the recent positive research on its supposed health benefits. Could it really be that gum chewing can make you smarter , thinner , less stressed, less forgetful and more alert ? Whether any of that’s true, I do know that chewing gum afte ... Read on »
Should you chew gum to lose weight? by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 30 Jan 2012 12:59pm There are a number of gum products over the year that have claimed they can help you lose weight. In fact, there has even been some research hinting that gum chewing can help you lose weight . And this article from WebMD concludes the same about gum chewing and weight loss . Anyway, here is an interesting study published in the Nove ... Read on »
Chew chew chew. What else is in your gum? by Making Love In The Kitchen Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 04 Apr 2011 6:00am Back in my university days I was a big time gum chewer. I would chomp through a pack every 2 days or so and sometimes I would chomp so much that my jaw would hurt. I think it was kind of compulsive studying habit I had - I was convinced it helped me concentrate. Well, I guess that's kind of selfish because the people around me probably wanted t ... Read on »
The Benefits of Chewing Gum by John !. Patient Expert Posted Wed 19 Mar 2008 6:03pm 1 Comment Last week the Diet Blog asked the question “Chewing Gum for Weight Loss?” to which I respond, “Heck yes!” I currently have a pack of Wrigley Extra in my car, my desk and my backpack. This gum helps me in three key ways: My body has been trained to have sugar after a meal. I can’t help it right now, when I eat I need to have a dessert or s ... Read on »
More insights on ED behaviors: chewing gum and stress by Laura Patient Expert Posted Mon 01 Sep 2008 7:12pm One of the signs our daughter was struggling with her eating disorder was in increase in gum chewing (sugarless, naturally). This is well known as a common symptom of those unable to eat - the Minnesota Starvation study documented amazing amounts of gum use. This is usually interpreted as a way to satisfy one food-related urge without actually eati ... Read on »
Chewing gum in school should be mandatory. by adhdmomma Patient Expert Posted Fri 20 Feb 2009 7:24pm 2 Comments Did you realize there is scientific evidence showing that chewing gum improves concentration and reduces stress? The United States military has known this for decades and has regularly supplied soldiers with chewing gum since World War I. When I came across this fact recently, I was first surprised and then a bit upset. This means chewing gum in th ... Read on »
Health Benefits of Chewing Gum by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 12 Aug 2009 10:11pm Unlike in the old days when chewing gums primarily contain corn sweeteners which cause tooth decay, most chewing gums today are made with non-sugar sweeteners such as xylitol. It has cavity-reducing qualities, therefore promoting good oral health. Now that the gums produced do not have sugar content, we can fully take advantage of the health ... Read on »
The Benefits of Chewing Gum. by Lucky V. Patient Expert Posted Wed 27 Aug 2008 8:28am A new study has proved that chewing gum after abdominal surgery may help in recovery. Researchers have collected information from several different studies and are publishing the final results in the August issue of The Archives of Surgery. Chewing gum reduces the time for the gut to become active, lowering the incidence of obstruction of the ... Read on »
Chewing Gum Helps Test-Takers by Kathy J. Patient Expert Posted Thu 01 Dec 2011 2:29pm Have an important final exam coming up? Maybe your test prep should include chewing some gum. St. Lawrence University Assistant Professor of Psychology Serge Onyper conducted a study that showed that students who chewed gum for five minutes before taking a test did better on the test than non-gum-chewing students. “Mastication-induced ar ... Read on »