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Chelation challenge testing: not scientific, not beneficial, may be harmful by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Thu 13 Aug 2009 6:17pm Who knows about the toxic effects of mercury? Toxicologists. The premier toxicology group in the U.S, the American College of Medical Toxicologists, represents the doctors who test and treat people suffering from real heavy metal poisoning. By contrast, many doctors have added chelation to their treatment options due to the false theory tha ... Read on »
Glucose Challenge Test is Accurate and Economical for Diabetes and Prediabetes Screening by Health: Hearsay & Headlines Posted Fri 31 Jul 2009 11:47am A test commonly used to help identify women with diabetes during pregnancy may be an accurate, convenient and inexpensive way to screen the general population for unrecognized diabetes and prediabetes, according to Emory University researchers. The results of the study, "Glucose challenge test screening for prediabetes and undiagnosed diabetes ... Read on »
The value of a clomiphene citrate challenge test by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 15 Mar 2011 12:14am Many older infertile women are very unsure as to whether they need to do IVF; and if they do need IVF, if they should use their own eggs or to use donor eggs. While they understand with their heads that using donor eggs would maximise their chances of getting pregnant, it's hard for their heart to accept this decision, because most of us want a g ... Read on »
The Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test by cj Posted Mon 26 Jul 2010 12:00am In order to check if you have hormonal problem, you must undergo the clomiphene citrate challenge test. Clomiphene Citrate, which is also known as Serophene, is a fertility medication that stimulates the body to produce the hormones follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and LH. This test looks for elevated levels of FSH, which are associated ... Read on »
Life Transitions - Challenges that Test the Soul by Dr. Kirsti D. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 4:36pm In the last blog, I looked at the definitions forLoss, Grief, Bereavement and Mourning. This timeI'll look at the concept of Transitions since this blog is dedicated to "your times of transition." What is a Transition? Transition is a… Passage from one state or stage to another; especially: an abrupt change…usually accompanied by ... Read on »
I Passed the Mental Challenge Test Today by eatrunlivehappy Posted Sat 28 Sep 2013 1:52pm Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in and tell you guys that this 20 mile run went very well!  I will tell you all about it Monday and I have a video for you guys for tomorrow but I am very proud of myself.  I conquered the longest distance I’ve ever ran along with it being my first long run in a month…. by myself. It was slower than I was ho ... Read on »
A new year and new challenges - testing for sleep apnea by Edward G. Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 6:54pm Be careful what you wish for ... that was a comment I heard while attending the hearing on using Home Sleep Testing (HST) for the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Be careful indeed. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has proposed a revision to their National Coverage Determination concerning the prescription of C ... Read on »
44 Yr. Old Has Clomid Challenge Test by Edward Ramirez, MD Posted Tue 02 Feb 2010 12:00am Question: I have PCOS and I've started IVF (in vitro fertilization). I have concerns because I don't really understand what is going on. They say they want my estrogen level up and that it is going in the right direction but they keep increasing my medication. Why? How can I tell if it is working? I have started since ... Read on »
Heavy Metal Challenge Test 1.5.10 by Richard Patient Expert Posted Mon 18 Jan 2010 12:00am Metals out of range for the first time (good sign--I'm chalking it up to KPU). Lead, Cadmium, and some mysterious radioactive agent that was probably from a nuclear MRI I did last year. Didn't see doc today; just got IVs. Will see what he has to say on Thursday, but I suspect he will start adding some DMPS to the EDTA I've already been ... Read on »
Outside the Box Challenge: The Core Fusion Shock Your Body Test by Nutritionista Posted Mon 08 Mar 2010 5:37am Outside the Box Challenge: The Core Fusion Shock Your Body Test : Check out this week’s OTB Challenge test: The Core Fusion Shock Your Body Test! Remember, you don’t have to have entered last week to be eligible for this week’s prize (sweet Core Fusion DVDs!). So get to it! You can post your submissions here or email Rachel (sheditandgetit ... Read on »