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Brain Fog by Sweet Greens Posted Mon 17 Jan 2011 12:00am Have you experienced "Brain fog"? It is one of the symptoms of celiac disease/gluten intolerance. "Brain fog" can be described as any one of these symptoms: Difficulty Concentrating Mental Confusion Forgetfulness Detached Grogginess Many patients with celiac disease and gluten intolerance experience "brain fog", the ter ... Read on »
Brain Fog by oceansky Posted Mon 17 Jan 2011 6:56pm Have you experienced "Brain Fog"? It is one of the symptoms of celiac disease/gluten intolerance. Many patients with celiac disease and gluten intolerance experience "brain fog", the term is not yet understood by the medical community. The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness  has recognized that this is an important area in need f ... Read on »
Celiac Disease and Thyroid Disease–Two of a Kind by Cheryl H. Registered Dietician Posted Sat 20 Nov 2010 3:12pm by Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD and Gary Kaplan, DO It’s a commonly misdiagnosed autoimmune condition. Its symptoms include fatigue, constipation or diarrhea, hair loss, depression, weight gain or loss, and infertility. And it greatly undermines the sufferer’s quality of life. Sound a lot like Celiac Disease? Actually, these are common sym ... Read on »
Celiac Disease Lab Tests- When to order by Toni Kaste Posted Tue 18 Oct 2011 12:00am Overweight? Can't lose weight? Underweight? Can't gain weight? Joint pains, achey? Tummy troubles, vomiting/diarrhea/pain/bloating? Migraines/Headaches? Sinus Pain/Pressure/Recurrent Sinus Infections? Asthma? Trouble Breathing? Fatigue? Brain Fog / Memory Issues? Dizziness? Anemic? Bad Teeth? Have Lupus, M ... Read on »
Understanding Celiac Disease: Diagnosis, Symptoms & Solutions by Tera W. Patient Expert Posted Mon 16 Apr 2012 3:13am Raw Food Recipes Raw Food Health Green Smoothies Tera Tidbits Success Stories Natural Beauty Care Uncategorized Podcasts Raw Food for Families WISH Summit 3 Weight Loss Secrets Jenny Craig & Weight Watchers Don't Want You To Know H ... Read on »
What Sugar Does to Your Brain by Dr. Scott ND Naturopathic DoctorFacebook Posted Wed 12 Nov 2008 7:06am Sugar Brain You open a can of soda and pour that sugary drink into your mouth. The sugar travels down your throat and into your stomach; the sugar then has a very short trip from your stomach into your blood stream. As that sugar starts to move its way throughout your body, it eventually makes its way to your brain. You brain is happy with thi ... Read on »
Celiac and Obesity by Tracy Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 12:11pm Interesting article on called " Celiac Disease and Obesity - There is a Connection." I'm glad to see it because I certainly didn't fit the usual celiac mould, which is underweight and/or unable to keep on or gain weight. Puh - leez. Celiacs /gluten intolerants tend to have malabsorption issues, meaning gluten/ gliadin (the protein in ... Read on »
Is it Celiac Disease? Should I go Gluten Free even when my test is Negative for Celiac Disease? by Toni Kaste Posted Fri 15 Jun 2012 12:00am Lots of delicious foods in life are NATURALLY gluten free! If you are tested for Celiac Disease and are found not to have it , it could be that you really DO have it but they missed it, or you have just plain gluten intolerance instead. Here are some reasons Celiac Disease/gluten issues are missed. Sometimes after the testing comes ba ... Read on »
The Hidden Food Allergy That Causes Unexplained Infertility by Colette Bouchez Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 14 Jun 2009 11:26am 3 Comments                                                The problem is Celiac's disease - an allergy to wheat, rye and barley that some experts say is responsible for up to half of all cases of unexplained infertility and may even cause recurrent miscarriage.. Here's what you need to know . . .  By Colette Bouchez If you and your partner are one o ... Read on »
What does natural fog have in common with brain fog? by Kennedy P. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 2:43pm Depending on where you live you may be more familiar with fog more so than others. Fog is created when a cloud comes in contact with the ground. For those of us that have ever attempted to drive in foggy conditions we recall how diminished our visibility was. Leaving us to feel we can barely see beyond the extent of our nose. We typic ... Read on »