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FDA Approves Product to Prevent Bleeding in People with Rare Genetic Defect by Medline Plus Posted Thu 17 Feb 2011 5:23pm FDA NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release: Feb. 17, 2011 Media Inquiries: Shelly Burgess, 301-796-4651, Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA FDA approves product to prevent bleeding in people with rare genetic defect Corifact is 1st treatment for congenital Factor XIII Deficiency Th ... Read on »
FDA approves product to prevent bleeding in people with rare genetic defect by Health: Hearsay & Headlines Posted Wed 23 Feb 2011 2:19pm The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week approved Corifact, the first product intended to prevent bleeding in people with the rare genetic defect congenital Factor XIII deficiency. Patients with congenital Factor XIII deficiency don’t make enough Factor XIII, a substance that circulates in the blood and is important for normal clotting. ... Read on »
Gone Fishin'/Umbilical Cord Clamping by Ginger T. Patient Expert Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 8:03pm I have been absent for the last week, fighting Chandler's schooling battles. I hope to be back at full speed after next Wed. when our mediation meeting with the school system will take place. Until then, I may post randomly. Like this one: Every once in a while I will run across an autism theory that I have never heard of. Once b ... Read on »
Umbilical Cord Blood: Donate, Bank, or Toss by Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 12:20am    Listed below are some links to various umbilical cord blood sites and educational information. I personally didn't have this choice when my own children were born in 1986 and 1996 however, in 2000, my IP's decided to bank the cord blood of their newborn twins...and in 2005, my 2nd couple decided NOT to bank the blood of their newborns...s ... Read on »
Mercy Medical Center- A Catholic Hospital Opens the First Public Umbilical Cord Blood Bank by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 11 Oct 2010 12:06pm The stem cells are not or use for transplants but can be used for research.  There are several private banks located across the county but this facility is the first public one to start.  The stem cells will be entered into the National Marrow Donor Program around the country.  Once a woman makes a donation the stem cells are separated ... Read on »
Hemacord Approved by FDA First Umbilical Cord Product For Treating Cancer and Immune Disorders by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 10 Nov 2011 8:19pm The cells are absorbed into the bone marrow and reproduce and then move into the blood stream, about the same process as a bone marrow transplant and actually is an alternative treatment.  The entire concept is to rebuild the body’s immune system to fight of cancer and other disorders.  This is kind of nice that a non profit center independent ... Read on »
FDA Reviewing First Shipment of Synthetic Blood From Arteriocyte – Umbilical Cord Yields 20 Units of Blood by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 09 Jul 2010 6:48am This is a DARPA project and the price is a bit steep for $5000.00 per unit right now, but if FDA approved and the company can get production costs down a bit, this could be a real product and first area to see the blood would be the military since this is a DARPA project.  The time is not bad either, 3 days.  This could certainly stand to ... Read on »
ROUND UP DAMAGES EMBRYONIC, PLACENTAL AND UMBILICAL CORD CELLS by David Granovsky Posted Sun 22 Jun 2014 10:05pm ROUND UP DAMAGES EMBRYONIC, PLACENTAL AND UMBILICAL CORD CELLS Chemicals in Round Up are targeting both our reproductive abilities and our regenerative/healing abilities.  But we’ve know this for a long time.  What’s special about this article is that it is in Scientific American, “The leading source and authority for science, ... Read on »
Promote stem cell research ... donate your baby's umbilical cord by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 10:28pm For those who object to the use of leftover IVF embryos and therapeutic cloning for embryonic stem cell research, there is another alternative: Donate your soon-to-be born baby's umbilical cord for public storage so that it can be used for research or to treat or save the life of an unrelated person. The Institute of Medicine of the National ... Read on »
Heart Valves May One Day be Made From Umbilical Cord Blood Stemcells by Wesley J. Smith Patient Expert Posted Tue 23 Dec 2008 9:14pm The Bush embryonic stem cell funding limitations will be histoire as of January 20, 2009. But the advances in ethical stem cell research, that I believe his policy did much to promote, will not abate. Now, umbilical cord blood stem cells have been used to create rudimentary heart valves. From the story: Stem cells collected at birth ... Read on »