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FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA approves label changes to include intestinal problems (sprue-like enteropathy) linked to bloo by FDA Posted Fri 05 Jul 2013 10:14am View and print full Drug Safety Communication (PDF - 54KB) Safety Announcement [7-3-2013] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning that the blood pressure drug olmesartan medoxomil (marketed as Benicar, Benicar HCT, Azor, Tribenzor, and generics) can cause intestinal problems kn ... Read on »
Olmesartan Medoxomil: Drug Safety Communication - Label Changes To Include Intestinal Problems (Sprue-Like Enteropathy) by FDA Posted Wed 03 Jul 2013 10:35am [Posted 07/03/2013] AUDIENCE: Health Professional, Cardiology, Patient ISSUE: FDA is warning that the blood pressure drug Olmesartan Medoxomil (marketed as Benicar, Benicar HCT, Azor, Tribenzor, and generics) can cause intestinal problems known as sprue-like enteropathy. Symptoms of sprue-like enterop ... Read on »
Celiac Disease, Refractory Sprue, Gluten Intolerance & Wheat Allergies? by Vanessa M. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:17am As the Director of Programming & Communications for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, I get the same question several times a day: what is the difference between celiac disease, refractory sprue, gluten intolerance and a wheat allergy. Last week, I had the privilege of working with Dr. Daniel Leffler from The Celiac Center at Bet ... Read on »
Celiac Sprue Association Conference Oct 4-6th! by Cheryl H. Registered Dietician Posted Tue 11 Sep 2012 10:18pm I am really excited to be moderating a panel on Gluten Free Blogging at 35th Annual Celiac Sprue Association on October 4-6th on Long Island in Hauppauge, NY. There will be great sessions on the latest and greatest from the Columbia Celiac Center, dietary tips, gluten-sensitivity, and panels on gluten-free baking, travel, and dining out. Ther ... Read on »
Amazing Awareness - Celiac Sprue Association Video by marylandceliac Posted Fri 01 May 2009 12:00am On May 16, Debbie Paul and Diane Craig of the Celiac Sprue Association appeared on the Sacramento news. This video does a great job of explaining celiac symptoms and gluten free foods. The video mentions osteoporosis. Remember, if you have celiac disease to get a bone density scan, a quick and simple scan of your hips and spine done at some ... Read on »
Celiac Sprue Association Needs Your Help In North Carolina by glutenfreeraleigh Posted Fri 04 Jun 2010 12:00am This is for CSA members and friends living in North Carolina. You can help all celiacs! Contact your Senator! Your US Senator Richard Burr has yet to support adding barley, rye and common oats as hazards in a “Managers Amendment” to S. 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act . Allergen designation will only cover WHEAT. This bill is expected to c ... Read on »
The Hidden Causes of Osteoporosis by ArthritisReliever .. Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 1:49pm LISA CLARK: Welcome to our webcast. I'm Lisa Clark. The connections between osteoporosis and menopause or calcium levels are common knowledge to doctors and patients alike, but fewer people know about the so-called "secondary causes of osteoporosis." Certain medical conditions and even some medications have been shown to increase a person's risk of ... Read on »
Gluten Intolerance May Cause Neuropathy by DrGibson Posted Wed 31 Aug 2011 9:00am As you are looking for the cause of your neuropathy, don't forget to look at your diet.   Over the years multiple dietary components have been found to cause neuropathy.   Vitamins such as B12, folic acid and B6 have been found to help with neuropathy because of possible deficiencies.  But often we forget to consider other dietary components of n ... Read on »
Gluten Intolerance-What Your Doctor May Not Tell You by Ralph S. Certified Nurse Specialist Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 11:54pm 2 Comments The associated health issues related to gluten intolerance (GI), have a wide range, with Celiac Disease being the defining and best known aspect of that problem. However, GI can often go undiagnosed, because it does not always present with the more obvious symptoms seen in Celiac Disease (CD). GI and even CD can be cryptic, or a hidden problem, i ... Read on »