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Skin Care During the Monsoons by rajesh moganti Posted Sat 25 Aug 2012 5:32am It is rainy season, and some of us are eating pakoras and sipping hot tea and enjoying the romantic rains, as they bring respite from the hot humid conditions from the summer. But rains also bring adverse health conditions like immersion of feet in contaminated water and humidity cause many skin problems and we get infections on our skin. Due ... Read on »
Psoriasis - systemic illness beyond skin plaques by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 30 Dec 2009 12:00am Published December 30th, 2009 in , , , , , Psoriasis, a chronic disease that causes red, raised patches of skin, is increasingly seen as a systemic disease with links to arthritis and cardiovascular disease. The December 2009 issue of Mayo Clini ... Read on »
Acupuncture Stops Eczema Itching by Steven S. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 27 Aug 2010 5:59am It is estimated that as many as 15 million people in the United States suffer from eczema. This pesky skin problem usually looks like dry, scaly red skin patches accompanied by intense itching. Conventional Western medical treatment can include corticosteroids, which have some serious side effects like organ damage. Excessive use of topi ... Read on »
Common Winter Skin Conditions by Robyn Nazar, RN BSN Posted Wed 09 Nov 2011 12:00am Winter skin is often dry and sensitive, but the cold weather can bring more severe problems as well.  Harsh winds and dry air leave skin vulnerable to a number of conditions, but proper care and advice from dermatologists in CT can help keep skin healthy during colder months. Watch out for the following conditions this winter.  Consult ... Read on »
Remedies against common summer ailments by rajesh moganti Posted Fri 11 May 2012 2:05am What can be worse than the heat and sweat of this summer? Everyone seems to be tired, irritated, dehydrated or fainting and leading to diseases like urination burning, heartburn, redness of skin patches, gastric infections. Prickly heat, dandruff, dry eyes etc. Here is the list of remedies against common summer ailments Urination Burni ... Read on »
Health Tips for April 21 by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Thu 21 Apr 2011 12:00am Health Tip: Aggravating Psoriasis Psoriasis is an immune system disorder that causes red, scaly patches of skin. The American Academy of Family Physicians says the following triggers can cause the disorder to flare Having an infection, such as the common cold or strep throat. Having a disease that weakens the immune system. Being ... Read on »
Skin Rash: Skin rashes are common and due to many factors ranging from serious diseases or allergic by Danny & Susan S. Health Maven Posted Mon 26 Jan 2009 3:39pm Skin rashes come in all shapes and sizes and have many different causes, ranging from an allergic reactions to rashes caused from bites and stings. Skin rashes are mostly temporary and self-limiting and with a little tender love and care, most skin rashes can be treated quickly and easily. However, there are some medical conditions that presen ... Read on »
How to deal with a dry skin patch? {Skin Care} by Perfectskincare C. Facebook Posted Sun 29 Jan 2012 1:30pm Did you ever suffer from a dry skin patch? I know they are very annoying as I have recently been afflicted of this malady. You might have heard me saying this often that my skin gets extremely dry in winters and due to the lack of proper diet, there was a really horrible dry patch around the mouth. So, I tried some of the things to bring my s ... Read on »
Causes of Skin Cancer - Basal Cell Carcinoma, Melanoma or Squamous Cell Carcinoma, do you know the r by Danny & Susan S. Health Maven Posted Mon 26 Jan 2009 4:32pm The incidence of skin cancer has increased greatly in recent years, due in part to greater exposure to UV radiation from the sun. In 1990, 600,000 Americans were diagnosed with either basal cell or squamous cell cancers. This is up from 400,000 in 1980, a staggering 50% increase.   Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world ... Read on »
Common Skin Problems from Exercise by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 11 Jan 2010 11:18am I was skiing in Colorado a few years ago when a crusty scab appeared along my nose. I thought it was a weird case of acne. But the eruptions became more severe when the temperature dropped, so I sought help. The diagnosis? A skin disorder called rosacea. Fitness enthusiasts are especially prone to such skin conditions. Not only do we spend ... Read on »