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Oral Hygiene, Oral Care and More on Secretions by Cheri Fraker Posted Sat 23 Aug 2008 12:00am Alicia's post, though not the most pleasant of topics is a vital one. Especially for our children who are underweight, have health challenges or chronic congestion and are aversive to oral care. Did you know? -Infants that have RSV (typically developing infants)can aspirate during this illness. The research study on this shows that they re ... Read on »
How Good Oral Hygiene Can Help You Stay Fit by Mark .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 25 Oct 2011 3:20am This is a guest post by Richard What can a smile do? A radiant smile can be one of the first things to emit self-confidence. Having a lovely smile can significantly impact your self-esteem in a positive way, and, though it might sound strange, practising good oral hygiene can not only give you healthy teeth, but it can also help ... Read on »
Is there a relation between oral hygiene and general health? by Just Ask Posted Tue 04 May 2010 5:24am The answer is YES. Have you often heard of the phrase ” Your eyes are a window to your soul” ? Then your mouth may be a window to your body and health. Recent research and studies have shown the fact that people with gum disease may be at higher risk for developing heart disease, stroke, undiagnosed diabetes, preterm births and respira ... Read on »
Observe Oral Hygiene To Prevent Gum Disease and Cancer! by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Thu 08 Nov 2012 12:36am Gum disease also called periodontal disease, is a serious infection that can sneak up on you, without you being aware of it. The good news is that with the proper dental care, and good dental habits at home, gum disease can in many cases be prevented. Recent studies show that there is a connection between gum disease and cancer! What Causes ... Read on »
Oral hygiene curbs pneumonia ris ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 26 Oct 2008 5:40pm Oral hygiene curbs pneumonia risk in elderly NEW YORK , 27 oct 2008– Among nursing home residents, having a nursing aide help them maintain good oral hygiene lowers the odds of them dying from pneumonia, a study suggests. Pneumonia is the leading cause of death in elderly nursing home residents, Dr. Carol W. Bassim and colleagues point out i ... Read on »
Oral Hygiene & Your Health by eatdancelive Posted Thu 09 Jun 2011 4:13pm I haven't posted two days in a row in a while, but I learned a whole bunch of neat things from my awesome new dentist today that I thought I'd share with you. A mouth with a low pH (aka. a more alkaline mouth) decreases your chances of getting cavities, so stick with those raw fruits and veggies As I recently mentioned, dried fruits ... Read on »
Five Foods That Promote Oral Hygiene by Ellice Campbell Posted Wed 20 Feb 2013 9:24am Photo credit: Wikipedia Many people are frustrated because they continue to get cavities despite the fact that they brush and floss regularly. Fortunately, there are a number of foods that can help promote oral hygiene . Below are five foods that can help keep your teeth and gums healthy: Apples An apple a day not only keeps the ... Read on »
Teaching Your Child an Effective Oral Hygiene Routine by just 4 families Patient Expert Posted Sat 28 Apr 2012 9:04pm Weather your child’s teeth are cleaned and taken care of effectively or their hands having been washed properly or hair being combed, carrying out an effective personal hygiene routine is among the fundamental and beneficial behaviors which we instill upon our children. Good personal hygiene includes oral hygiene and is an important element of ... Read on »
From the Archives : Do you clean your tongue? {Oral Hygiene} by Perfectskincare C. Facebook Posted Sun 22 Sep 2013 1:09am I wanted to talk about how to detox your body and then, I came across an article which said that tongue cleaning was a habit which has been carried out since centuries and it actually has a great importance for our body according to Ayurveda. I was a little surprised to read that because I had always thought of it as a habit ... Read on »
Oral hygiene products for dogs by heru m. Patient Expert Posted Mon 04 Jul 2011 11:29am There are many products to keep your dog’s dental health. Obviously, the first to mention are toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs. Remember not to use products for humans because they can be harmful to your dog. Other dental cleaning for dogs, and they are easier to use, the toys are “cleaners”. These chew toys are specially designed ... Read on »