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Expertise, and possible memory failure by Stephanie Butland Posted Mon 29 Jul 2013 12:00am If you follow me on Twitter you’ll be familiar with the recent home improvements – the ripping out of the charmless old fireplace and replacement with a stove, and the damp course. (Which, for the record, is a tedious, noisy and dusty way to spend quite a lot of money. Yes, I know it will be worth it. Yes, I know it comes with the ho ... Read on »
Why your partner thinks you said things you know you didn’t say by David M. Posted Wed 10 Apr 2013 5:00am False Memories – What we remember about things others say can depend on our mood Two men go out to dinner with their dates. Let’s call them Bob and Sam. Bob goes home sure that his date did not like him. Sam is sure his date did. The two women said exactly the same things to their dates. Why the difference? This happens a lot. Yo ... Read on »
Inside the Brain: Unraveling the Mystery of Alzheimer's Disease by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Sun 11 Sep 2011 11:44pm Alzheimer’s disease disrupts critical metabolic processes that keep neurons healthy. Alzheimer's Reading Room These disruptions cause nerve cells in the brain to stop working, lose connections with other nerve cells, and finally die. The destruction and death of nerve cells causes the memory failure, personality changes, problems in ... Read on »
10 Ways to Make Memory Rehab Work by Bill Klemm Doctor of Philosophy Posted Fri 03 May 2013 12:00am Physical exercise can rehabilitate bodies that have grown soft and flabby. Can mental exercise rehabilitate brains that have deteriorated because of disease or age? Maybe. A published scholarly review has examined the research literature on this issue and arrived at several useful conclusions: 1.      Focus, Reduce Distractions. Th ... Read on »
memory recall failure by Donna Peach Patient Expert Posted Mon 19 Apr 2010 12:00am I thought chemo brain would be waning along with the other side effects. Yet, I would be wrong. Today I showed up at the infusion center for my treatment only to recall, after reminders from the staff, that my next appointment would be two weeks from the last: meaning not today but next Monday. Maybe it wasn’t chemo brain but just my ... Read on »
Forgetting things may not be a memory problem by David M. Posted Sat 19 Jan 2013 5:00am How well you remember may depend on how you learned Bokeh – Flowers – Forget-me-nots (Photo credit: blmiers2) Memory is important. There is nothing as frustrating as standing there trying to remember someone’s name and come up with a complete blank. We all blame this on a bad memory. That may not be the problem at all. How w ... Read on »
5 Ways To Ruin A (low carb) Diet by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:24am Whether you are on a low carb diet or not, sugar is damaging to the body in many ways. The following is just a partial list of some of sugar's consequences from a variety of medical journals and other scientific publications. To find out more about why sugar is an addiction and how it upsets your whole body chemistry, read "Lick The Sugar H ... Read on »
Counter Timer Lcd by Josh Patient Expert Posted Sat 24 Apr 2010 2:24pm by Anne on April 24, 2010 in Workout Counter Timer Lcd US Auctions Australian Auctions Austrian Auctions Belgian Auctions Canadian Auctions French Auctions German Auctions Indian Auctions Irish Auctions Italian Auctions Dutch Auctions Polish Auctions Spanish Au ... Read on »
3 Reasons Stevia Sweetener Is Healthier Than Sugar by Cliff S. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Tue 07 Apr 2009 11:02pm Stevia sweetener is the all natural, zero calorie sweetener that is healthier than sugar for three important reasons. First, sugar suppresses the immune system, whereas stevia sweetener has not revealed any harmful effects on important bodily functions such as this. Researchers at Loma Linda University studied the effects of sugar on phagocyt ... Read on »
Low Carb Diet Tips – Reasons to Avoid Sugar Addiction by Cliff S. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Sun 20 Mar 2011 2:30pm When discussing low carb diet tips it is important to look at the problems associated with sugar addictions. Most people don't realize how sugar speeds up aging, causing premature wrinkles, gray hair, and chronic health challenges. When sugar is consumed regularly, the pancreas can become over stimulated and produce excess insulin. An overabun ... Read on »