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“You Look So Healthy!” by healthyhappywhole Health Maven Posted Thu 29 Sep 2011 7:22am I was reading through tweets yesterday and came across a few of the dietitians retweeting lessons they learned from E. Tribole, the author of Intuitive Eating . I can’t recall the exact quote, but the main idea was that you may not always LOVE your body, but you need to respect it. I personally need to repeat this mantra several times of d ... Read on »
Yeast Infections Can Cause Bumps or Lumps On the Vagina by HolisticHealth Posted Fri 24 Sep 2010 6:16pm You look down there one day and there IT is. A bump or many bumps on your vagina. Some sort of new growth out of a horror movie. You have no idea how it got there, your sure you didn't sleep with tooooo many partners. You panick you think you have an  STD.   Fear not dear ones. This could just be a sign of a yeast infection. You can develop l ... Read on »
Lumpy McLump Lump by Shay2181 Patient Expert Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:14pm 2 Comments Read on »
Barbell Bicep curls | Bicep Curls by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 07 Jul 2009 9:01pm Click to Play Learn How to do Bicep curls with a barbell with fitness training expert Scott White: Read on »
Bicep Exercises | Bicep Training by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 16 Jul 2009 10:02pm Click to Play Bicep Exercises, Bicep Training with top personal trainer Scott White: Read on »
DB Bicep Curls | Bicep Exercise by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 12 Aug 2009 10:03pm Click to Play DB Bicep Curl, learn how to train your biceps with Scott White Read on »
Invincible Immunity by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Posted Sun 11 Jan 2009 2:48pm Invincible Immunity by Eric Cressey Of all the lousy things that can happen, this has to be one of the worst. Imagine…You’ve just completed the most successful bulking cycle of your life, adding twenty pounds of mass; you’re on top of the world. Now, all you have to do is train properly and eat plentifully in order to solidify y ... Read on »
Update on Breast Lump and Node i... by Jo C. Burzycki Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 5:58pm 2 Comments Update on Breast Lump and Node in Neck I felt so kinky on Monday, I got felt up by a chic while two guys watched. GO ME!!!! Okay so what really happened is the breast surgeon examined me at my appointment and I could have given a shit less that two med students watched. LMFAO. The word on the lump in my right br ... Read on »
Bicep Building and Arm Development through the Muscle Shocking Technique, Part One by Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 25 May 2009 10:01pm Changing things up to prevent fitness stagnation is key to a long term progressive exercise plan. To break through plateaus and continue getting shredded you have to fool your muscles. Keep in mind that muscles are smart and adapt relatively quickly to routine so utilizing shock techniques can separate your body from those stuck in fitness purgat ... Read on »
LUMPS AND BUMPS by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 02 Sep 2012 12:00am Here we are at Labor Day weekend.  Where has the summer gone???  Hopefully, all of you are looking forward to at least a couple of months of beautiful and comfortable weather.  Here in Flagstaff, the months of September, October, and November are the favorite part of the year for Desperado and Helpful Buckeye.  We were down in the Phoenix area t ... Read on »