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Causes and treatments of perianal itching by DrEmilyAltman Posted Sun 01 Jan 2012 12:15pm Anal or perianal itching is a common skin condition that goes undiagnosed and untreated for years, because patients are embarrassed to bring that up to their doctors.  Many patients think,  ”They have to look down there?  No way!”  The importance of bringing this “embarrassing” topic up with your doctor cannot be overestimated. Anal itch (p ... Read on »
Feet Itching During Pregancy by DrGibson Posted Tue 04 Jan 2011 8:00am As the father of 10 beautiful children and currently married to a pregnant woman (baby number 11, girl number 8), I understand well from a physician perspective and a husband perspective the issues that women have with their feet during pregancy.  Itching is not a common problem in pregnancy, but can be encountered.   In fact, an understanding of ... Read on »
Scratch Where It Itches by Tanya Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:12pm “But it itches!” This is often Nigel’s refrain (spoken between clenched teeth) when I discreetly remind him to stop scratching his head. And no, he doesn’t have dandruff. Nor does he have lice, scabies, or any other type of external cause of itching. The head itching started about a year and a half ago, before he began taking eith ... Read on »
Itchy Legs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by BerryRipe Posted Sun 06 Jan 2013 11:53am Itchy legs can be an annoying issue. It's important for you to know what causes them and how you can stop the itch. This is important because it will help you find out ways to treat the condition through learning about its roots.  This article will try to show you the basic information that you would need to know about it ... Read on »
Good Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sun 11 Apr 2010 1:18am An itchy scalp can be caused by a number of different things.  Dandruff, sunburn, psoriasis, eczema and others can lead to dryness, crusting, irritation, sores and uncomfortable embarrassment as well. Some of them will need medical treatment but you might want to try a few good home remedies for itchy scalps first. Good Home Re ... Read on »
I have an itch . . . by Ron Sparks Posted Fri 31 Jul 2009 11:51am For about 2 months now I have been dealing with completely random attacks of extreme itching. At first I thought that I was just having an allergic reaction to the detergent we use to wash our clothes. I had Carey buy some dye and scent-free detergent and it seemed to work. For a week or two at least. Then it started up again. ... Read on »
35 Symptoms of Perimenopause: Dry, Itchy Skin by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 19 Jan 2010 10:00pm One of the most bizarre manifestations of my hormonal chaos has been the itches.  Everything itched.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  But, mostly, my head. My scalp has always given me trouble.  Meaning, I’ve always had itchy scalp.  Not dandruff.  Not psoriasis.  Just itchy scalp.  Particularly if I didn’t wash my hair regularly.  Gross, I kn ... Read on »
How To Cure Itchy Scalp by Sarah B. Patient Expert Posted Sun 18 Jul 2010 11:01pm Taya’s trouble…Dear Beauty Brains, I just read up on your article about smelly scalps and wanted to know if there are any causes or solutions to itchy scalps. My sister started developing an itchy scalp several months back and it would sometimes get so itchy she would have to shower twice a day and she would also itch her hair/head in he ... Read on »