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Have abortions of babies with Down syndrome gone down? by Leticia V. Patient Expert Posted Fri 10 Dec 2010 10:55am Christmas has just come early for me. This is what I have been working on for four years since I became a freelance writer in earnest; to lower the abortion rate (and raise the birth rate) of children with Down syndrome. This article seems to confirm my dearest hopes; to save our precious children from death. The study indicates th ... Read on »
Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Breast Feeding a Baby With Down Syndrome by Lisa Patient Expert Posted Thu 07 Oct 2010 12:00am DISCLAIMER: I do have a decidedly pro-breast feeding bent. However, this post is not intended to judge or criticize anyone who chooses not to, or who for whatever reason can't, breast feed. My intention is only to share my own experience in the hope of correcting some misconceptions and giving hope and encouragement to any new moms out there ... Read on »
Will babies with Down syndrome slowly disappear? by Qadoshyah Posted Fri 21 Jan 2011 8:19pm Recently a new study came out with a more accurate (& safer) test to detect Down syndrome prenatally. Dr. Skotko posted on the Children's Hospital Boston blog regarding this new test and I thought I would share it. It's sad that they would be looking to find a more accurate & safer test, because most of the time the tests are not used to help ... Read on »
Two Down syndrome babies by Leticia V. Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:24am I told you babies like my Christina would change the world. Here's proof: A Tale of Two Down Syndrome Babies by Paul Kengor, a professor of Grove City College in the National Catholic Register. How the candidates Sarah Palin and Barack Obama treated unborn babies with Down syndrome may just be the make-or-break point in this election. AMAZING ... Read on »
Tests to detect Down's Syndrome are damaging too many unborn babies by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 02 Nov 2008 1:52pm Mirror News - Tests to detect Down's Syndrome are damaging too many unborn babies I have never gotten a CVS or amnio done. I've wanted to, but just couldn't do it. After having a bunch of miscarriages, I couldn't risk having a test done that could cause a miscarriage in a healthy pregnancy. Of course, I might have changed my tune if the qua ... Read on »
Casting Call: Baby girl with Down syndrome wanted for TV movie on Lifetime Channel by Leticia V. Patient Expert Posted Thu 11 Sep 2008 8:09pm Gail Williamson, mother of Blair, who is an actor with Down syndrome is an advocate at the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles, and finds acting jobs in Hollywood for actors with Down syndrome. She worked with Chris Burke on "Life Goes On" and I met her in Hollywood at the premiere of "Mr Blue Sky".She sent me this casting call noti ... Read on »
Parenting a baby with Down syndrome by Anna D. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 14 Oct 2008 5:00am Finding out your baby has Down syndrome can come as a huge shock. During pregnancy we often spend time daydreaming about our baby...who will she most resemble, what will he become, maybe a doctor, maybe the next Prime Minister? When receiving an adverse diagnosis our hopes and dreams can come crashing down. It may take time to come to grips wit ... Read on »
Difficulty in Feeding a Baby with Down Syndrome by Qadoshyah Posted Sun 13 Nov 2011 5:38pm I received an email a couple days ago from a mother who is having difficulty getting her baby to breastfeed and take the bottle. My mom shared our experience in getting O to nurse here , but I thought I'd share a little more. We had a very challenging time getting my brother, O, to eat in the early days. He was in the NICU for 2 weeks after he ... Read on »
Congresswoman's Baby Has Down Syndrome by Shannon .. Registered Nurse Posted Fri 17 Oct 2008 6:19pm By MATTHEW DALY, Associated Press Writer Wed May 30, 4:51 PM ET Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said Wednesday that her month-old son, Cole, has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. "This news has been difficult to get our arms around. Like every parent, we have hopes and dreams for our children," McMorris Rodgers said in a letter ... Read on »
New Baby Diagnosed with Down Syndrome--What Do I Say? by Lisa Patient Expert Posted Sat 30 Oct 2010 12:00am Down Syndrome Diagnosis 101, What to Say to Others Does your new baby have Down syndrome?  Have you wondered how to tell others about it?  As parents, it is tough enough to navigate our own feelings when our child is diagnosed with Down syndrome, let alone manage other people's reactions. We've all wrestled with how and when we shoul ... Read on »