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Friday’s COPD Newsletter from COPD Support, Inc. by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Fri 28 May 2010 7:04am Volume 10, Issue 26 May 28, 2010 Joan Costello, Editor By Ed Susman, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today. NEW ORLEANS – Doctors and patients with COPD agree that shortness of breath is the condition’s most debilitating symptom, but on other issues patients and clinicians are not on the same page, a survey reported here ... Read on »
Breathe easy, help may be on the way by Chiman Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 10 Apr 2013 12:00am Tags April 11, 2013 Do you or someone you know suffer from COPD… I teach and suggest learning diaphragmatic breathing to help improve air exchange. It seems that there may be other help on the horizon. The following is from the April 11th, 2013  Johns Hopkins Health A ... Read on »
Signs & Symptoms of COPD & Emphysema by Well Med Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 4:41pm Here is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of COPD & Emphysema: Blue lips Blue nails Blue skin Body aches Breathing difficulties Breathlessness Breathlessness after exertion Chronic cough Clear, colorless sputum Cor pulmonale Cyanosis Daily morning cough Difficulty sleeping Frequent coughing ... Read on »
mission: exert minimum effort by Anne Posted Mon 02 Nov 2009 12:00am I’m really unenthusiastic about cooking this week. I think it’s mostly because so many of the things I tried last week totally flopped. I’m much more encouraged to try new recipes when they are a success rather than a total disaster. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but the crockpot meal I made did not turn out. It was a recipe for cheesy ... Read on »
Dyspnea on Exertion and a Positive Troponin by Stephen Smith Posted Sun 09 Feb 2014 10:41am A woman in her 50's complained of dyspnea on exertion for two days.  Her lungs were clear on exam.  Her first troponin I returned at 0.1 ng/mL (elevated, upper limit of normal = 0.30 ng/mL).   Here is her ECG: Sinus tachycardia.  The QRS duration is 103 ms and there is some left axis deviation.  What is the likely diagnosis (befor ... Read on »
A source of Cough in COPD? by Dr. Gemzel H. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 03 Apr 2011 8:04am It is important to understand that some respiratory (lung) diseases have a prominent obstructive component. The obstructive component of these diseases happens at the level of the many airways in each lung. The upset snakes The obstruction is determined by contraction of muscle bands that surrounds the airways like snakes around branches ... Read on »
Signs & Symptoms of Heart Failure by Medical Team Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 4:41pm 1 Comment Here is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of Heart Failure: Abnormal heartbeat Abnormal weight gain Breathless with exertion Breathlessness Chest pain Cough Coughing up blood Enlarged Heart Fatigue Fluid accumulation Generalized edema Heart defects Heart murmur Lung congestion Night urinat ... Read on »
Liver & Lungs by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert Posted Thu 04 Nov 2010 6:32am It is the day after MD Anderson and I could use a little more sleep. To get the numbers out of the way WBC: 16.6 RBC: 4.39 Hemoglobin: 14.1 Platelets: 131 ANC: 12.12 Alkaline Phosphatase: 75 Alanine Aminotransferase: 63 LDH: 1119 The only normal numbers in the bunch include: red blood cells, hemoglobin, and alkaline phosphatase (liv ... Read on »
Wednesday Workout Update - Perceived Exertion and Guilt by Shelley B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 15 May 2013 6:00am I didn't start out exercising a lot when I began my diet - riding my bicycle a couple of laps around my circle (not a block - just the circle of my long cul-de-sac) was a huge effort for me in the beginning.  Quite honestly, it took a lot for me to ride four laps, which was a mile.  I was rubbery-legged and exhausted when I was done...when you ar ... Read on »
Link Between Exercising and Exertion Headache by Kodjoworkout Posted Fri 19 Jul 2013 7:41am Most people know that regular exercise has many benefits. It can help you lose or maintain your weight, build muscle and reduce stress. However, what you may not know is that too much exercise can trigger headaches. These are known as exertion headaches, and they most often occur from adolescence through middle age. What is an Exertio ... Read on »