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Bilateral Renal Cell Carcinomas by Matt S. Posted Wed 23 Jul 2008 12:00am The case: a 50-ish yo woman, normal baseline renal function, and a history of nephrolithiasis x 2 episodes presented with gross, painless hematuria. She was initially thought to have another stone event, but she had no significant flank pain. Ultimately she underwent CT imaging which revealed bilateral renal masses suspicious for renal cell ca ... Read on »
Genetics Home Reference: lymphangioleiomyomatosis by Posted Mon 19 Jul 2010 11:51am (also known as LAM) On this page: Description Genetic changes Inheritance Treatment Additional information Other names Glossary definitions Reviewed June 2010 What is LAM? Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) is a condition tha ... Read on »
Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and the Kidney by Matt S. Posted Sun 06 Sep 2009 12:00am Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is a rare genetic disease, caused by mutations within one of two genes (TSC1 or TSC2) which is named for the formation of hard tumors ("tubers") within a variety of tissues, including the CNS, kidneys, eyes, heart, lungs and skin. Often, dermatologic clues can be essential to making a diagnosis; common example ... Read on »
Only God - Only God…. by Carissa H. Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 7:53pm (Note she is laughing in both pictures not screaming - she laughs with her whole mouth…)   This may be the only post I do publicly about the genetic lottery that my daughter won (or as some other people look at it the random lottery that she won) but my daughter has a disorder simply known as TSC (more about TSC after the jump). ... Read on »
My PACES Experience (2) by Dr. Darren Lee Posted Sat 25 Dec 2010 12:00am Ya, as promised, this post is about case presentation in PACES exam, in my humble opinion. There are more than plenty of resources on approaching this exam, hence I won't really elaborate too much. I'd just like to share a "format" that I think is "safe" and can be used even when you're in a panic state (Well, at least it works for me). Let ... Read on »
Medical Update and Fitness Wrap Up by Linda T. Posted Sun 17 Jul 2011 9:27pm What a week! I got some news, had a trip to the beach, ran a race, went to a horse show, and took a field trip to Wegman’s. I’ll spend the week blogging about last week, since this week should be pretty dull. Last Tuesday I got a call from my doctor’s office asking me to make an appointment to see the doctor so that she can go over the re ... Read on »
Case Sharing by Dr. Darren Lee Posted Sun 25 Jul 2010 12:00am I've been receiving comments and msgs which are comforting and I really appreciate it. Come to think of it, although the outcome is not the satisfactory one, the UK trip is nevertheless very rewarding in terms of learning experience. Here I'd just like to share a few "tricky" cases that I've seen during my attachment/ courses #1 In station 5 ... Read on »
Renal Malignancy Syndromes by Matt S. Posted Thu 29 Apr 2010 12:00am I had a patient come to see me last week with the rare disorder, Birt Hogg Dube Syndrome (BHD). She was referred with a mildly elevated serum creatinine and microalbuminuria against a background of a single kidney following nephrectomy for renal cancer, which, along with skin abnormalities, is a feature of the syndrome (see left). She initia ... Read on »
Incidentalomas revisited by Mark Pool, MD Posted Thu 19 May 2011 7:17am Dr. Bruce Friedman posted a thoughtful blog on Lab Soft News recently concerning "incidentalomas" (" How to Avoid the Risks of a CT Incidentaloma ").  This post happened to coincide with a new working committee at my hospital commissioned with developing a virtual clinic for following patients who have incidental lung nodules discovered. ... Read on »
Pearls for Boards by Matt S. Posted Sat 10 Nov 2012 12:00am 1) Alkaline urine encourages calcium phosphate nephrolithiasis. Three predisposing factors to watch for - 1) distal RTAs 2) Acetazolamide 3) Topiramate. 2) IgA nephropathy, common in Asians and Native Americans, rare in African Americans. 3) Stay alert for triphasic pattern of water disturbance post neurosurgery or cerebral traum ... Read on »