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Casein free Gluten free Pumpkin pie by Lynn B. Patient Expert Posted Thu 08 Oct 2009 10:00pm Another craving lead me to buy a can of pumpkin pie filling, Libby's I think...I made a crust with chopped almonds processed with Spectrum shortening and Gluten free flour mix (Bob's Redmill) and a little cold water. I spooned the mixture into the bottom of a pie plate, patted it down and then added the can of pumpkin pie filling mixed with almo ... Read on »
Recipe: Gluten-Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (GFCF - gluten-free & casein-free) by Jules S. Patient Expert Posted Mon 19 Jan 2009 10:51pm Ingredients:   ½ cup butter or Earth Balance Buttery Sticks (non-dairy) ½ cup granulated cane sugar ½ cup light brown sugar 2 eggs or equivalent egg- substitute like Ener-G Egg Replacer 2 teaspoons gluten-free vanilla extract 1 ¼ cup Jules' Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Mix* ½ teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons baking pow ... Read on »
A Cheesy Imposter (Gluten Free, Casein Free, and Soy Free "Cheese" Sauce) by Carrie Patient Expert Posted Fri 20 Mar 2009 3:11pm There are days when you just need a warm bowl of macaroni and cheese. Except for that little fact that you've realized cheese (along with gluten and soy) seems to hurt your tummy. And you know, that whole low carb thing... Well sometimes the low carb thing has to sit on the sidewalk for a day or two days, or maybe a week... And unti ... Read on »
Sweet Vanilla Blueberry Scones Recipe (Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free) by Carrie Patient Expert Posted Fri 31 Jul 2009 9:33am Blueberries are the essence of summer. In North Carolina blueberries are one of the first fruits of the season. Ripened and ready for picking at the end of May through the hot, humid days of July, fresh plump blueberries will show up in pies, muffins, cakes, sauces, jams, jellies, and even over ice cream. In Eastern North Carolina our l ... Read on »
Chicken Pot Pie Recipe - Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free by Carrie Patient Expert Posted Fri 14 Aug 2009 4:27pm Is there anything that screams comfort food more than a chicken pot pie? My favorite chicken pot pie is this one , but since we don't eat dairy/casein anymore I haven't had the time to revise the recipe to leave out butter. I remember in my old gluten-filled days I used to often make a chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust and I wondered i ... Read on »
Homemade Almond Cheese (Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free) by Carrie Patient Expert Posted Wed 06 May 2009 11:57am Nut cheese Stop laughing... seriously, that's what it's called! And it's good! And you're still laughing.. ;-P It's okay... laughing is good for you! I hope most of my posts bring a smile to you! I'm all about smiles! So once again... today's post is about nut cheese. I used to think it was funny when vegetarians or people who ... Read on »
Homemade Almond Milk (Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free) by Carrie Patient Expert Posted Mon 04 May 2009 3:49pm straining homemade almond milk and dill-almond "cream cheese" I had no idea along this journey to health that I would need to give up so many traditional foods. Wheat... No problem! White sugar... No problem!! But cheese? Milk? Butter? Those things I grew up literally loving to eat... and yet always had a tummy ache and a stuffy nos ... Read on »
Jennifer's Simple Homemade Marinara Sauce (Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free) by Carrie Patient Expert Posted Tue 16 Jun 2009 5:32pm My co-worker and friend Jennifer won't claim to be a "chef" or a "cook"... but I think she's quite good as both! She's made many accomplishments over the past year including losing over 60 lbs. by changing her diet and exercising. I am very, very proud of her! One thing she has learned in the past year is how to cook more things from scra ... Read on »
Chocolate Chip Granola Cookies (Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free) by Carrie Patient Expert Posted Sun 11 Jan 2009 2:55pm One of the joys of cooking on winter evenings in my kitchen is the fact that no matter how delicious the cookies are, you WILL NOT get a decent picture of them. The lack of good light seems to do that. So therefore you get a picture of a squirrel in the quaint seaside town of Beaufort, NC. The squirrel says the cookies are very good, and qu ... Read on »
Banana Spice Muffins Recipe (Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free) by Carrie Patient Expert Posted Mon 08 Jun 2009 6:34pm I'm not always a fan of bananas... they usually end up getting frozen simply because we can't eat them all before they get super ripe. Yesterday's batch of super ripe bananas were added to these breakfast muffins. After cleaning the kitchen yesterday it was time to bake. Originally I wanted to make a pound cake. My dad called me on Saturday ... Read on »