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Best Post of Sept '08: Extramedullary hematopoesis is not an uncommon finding in subdural hematomas by Dr. Brian M. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:12am The next in my "Best of the Month" series, in which I feature my favorite post from each month, is from September 26, 2008: I received a case in consultation this week from a general pathologist who was concerned about clusters of unusual-looking cells within a chronic subduralhematoma ( SDH ), a specimen the surgeons call a " subdural membrane" ... Read on »
Method for the Detection of a Subdural Hematoma Using a Handheld Hematoma Detector and Discriminator by Posted Thu 03 Mar 2011 7:00pm Description of Invention: The invention offered for licensing and further development is a device and method for detecting hematomas. The device is based on near infrared light emitted perpendicularly into a tissue from a non-stationary emitter and on continuous detection of the reflected light with a non-stationary probe. The ... Read on »
Susceptibility of domestic cats to chronic wasting disease by Terry S. Patient Expert Posted Fri 14 Dec 2012 6:09pm Susceptibility of domestic cats to chronic wasting disease Candace K. Mathiason1,#, Amy V. Nalls1, Davis M. Seelig1, Susan L. Kraft2, Kevin Carnes2, Kelly R. Anderson1, Jeanette Hayes-Klug1 and Edward A. Hoover1 + Author Affiliations 1Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Patholo ... Read on »
Cleveland Clinic/Microsoft Study Case Study Released – Disease Management with Patient/Physician Connectivity Through PHR by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 01 Mar 2010 12:09pm I first posted about the project back November of 2008 and now we are beginning to see some numbers result.  The Epic records system used by Cleveland Clinic connects to Microsoft HeatlhVault and thus the patients have the flexibility of adding information via HealthVault and sending it to MyChart.  The physicians were able to view and analyze ... Read on »
The case for the 20 minute Case Study by CanadianEmr .. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 30 Oct 2008 3:22pm Part of the process of selecting an EMR is evaluating how the system performs in a clinical setting. Despite the similarities between EMR systems, they function very differently in a patient care setting. When a vendor demonstrates their product, they will promote the strengths and downplay the weaknesses. That is the job of the salesman. Obvio ... Read on »
Extormity Giving Away iPad for Most Compelling Case Study Of An EHR Vendor Annoyance/Frustration Story at HIMSS by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 04 Feb 2011 3:07pm You have one week from today to get your entry in!  I like these folks as they make us all laugh at ourselves and bring us back to earth when it comes to electronic medical records.  We have had many in positions to where they see one side of the story only and sometimes forget about the end users, the doctors so in their humorous way they keep ... Read on »
Duke Health and Facebook Advertising Case Study by Christina Thielst Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 18 Mar 2013 12:00am Facebook has released a case study that highlights the success of  Duke Health's advertising on its social networking site. One recent study found that healthcare organizations spend the most on Facebook advertising, but have the lowest returns on their investments. The case study sheds some light on the following questions: ... Read on »
PwC States Doctors and Hospitals Need A Stronger Alliance–How About A Case Study on the City of Hope on How to Improve by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 05 May 2011 7:15pm The reason I mention the City of Hope is that this was a pretty nasty situation last year and studies say one thing but why don’t we find out why it doesn’t always come together that easily.  Last year the physicians group and the hospital were suing each other, the CMA got involved and said it was all about control.  We all know that doctors a ... Read on »
OCD Case Study: Micronutrients by Duane Sherry, M.S. Patient Expert Posted Wed 29 Jul 2009 10:07pm From Vitasearch: Summary# 47325 Topic: Micronutrient Supplementation May Benefit Patients with Mental Illness: A Case Report Keywords: MENTAL ILLNESS, OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER, OCD – Micronutrients, Vitamins, Minerals Reference: “Successful treatment of OCD with a micronutrient formula following partial response to Cognitive Behaviora ... Read on »
Interesting case study featuring prolactin as a trigger of MS by stuart Patient Expert Posted Wed 16 Dec 2009 12:00am Written by Hollie - from the Accelerated Cure Project If you, like me, watch the TV show "House," you'll be familiar with the concept that tumors in the body can over-secrete all kinds of substances which can cause baffling symptoms (baffling to the doctors on "House," anyway!). Here's a very interesting case study of that exact phenomenon in ... Read on »