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Guaranteed-to-be-Sore Core Workout by The Fit Fork Posted Thu 03 Jan 2013 5:12pm   the fit fork jennifer fisher core workout core exercises Picked up this core workout from a CrossFit Gymnastics seminar I took a few weeks ago. Apparently all the elite, Olympian-type gymnasts do it everyday as a warm-up and cool-down to their hours and hours of grueling in the gym.So, I decided If these little pig-tailed girls ca ... Read on »
Hard workouts by Lori K. Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 03 Nov 2008 9:01pm Did a bit too much exercise today. I did my back/legs workout on the bowflex, then did Cardio Overdrive (The Firm). That would have been plenty of exercise for the day, but we went biking this evening. I went a different way, and ended up having to go up one really big hill, then a smaller one at the end of the ride. Good timing.... Anyway, ... Read on »
Woo Woo Workout! & my Very Good Day by Foodie McBody Posted Thu 13 Aug 2009 7:55pm One of my best buddies invited me to join her at a Nia class today. She and I only live 17 miles apart, but we are separated by a large body of water and a big bridge, which daunts us both from seeing each other more often. (she is also my What Not To Wear shopping and fashion expert!) I jumped at the chance to exercise with her! I was a litt ... Read on »
The return of Friday Five by LifeToBraggAbout Posted Fri 09 Dec 2011 10:11pm I'm finally able to kick off the weekend with a blog post again. I realized I haven't done a Friday Five in forever (can you blame me?) so for today I figured I'd gloss over the five baby related items I can't live without. But first, let's get on with some good eats. Breakfast It's the perfect time of the year for delicious ginge ... Read on »
The Celebrity Obsession With Weight Watchers by Natural Weight Loss Blog Posted Wed 09 May 2012 11:42pm Every day you see the commercials on television and hear the commercials on the radio. It isn’t just Weight Watchers either. Celebs flock to Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem too. But are they endorsing these weight loss companies because they are getting paid to, or do they really work? I am not sure there is really any way for us to know. I th ... Read on »
NYC Personal Trainers Carry a Whole Workout in A Backpack by NTrainers Posted Mon 08 Nov 2010 7:57pm Many people confuse a proper work out with the need for high-end gym equipment. The truth is that these expensive pieces of hardware are useful but unnecessary. Simple body weight exercises, plyometrics, and the usage of bands can drastically improve an individual's physique.Personal trainers NYCknow this and many have begun to actively fight the ... Read on »
after the first two and a half weeks of the seasonAfter that by caiwenxiangae Posted Wed 06 Feb 2013 6:48am Dennis Pitta Jersey and that history of racial discord is far different and discussed less openly than what we see with similar issues in Americawhy not do 15 minutes in the D-League?" Kirk Lacob said During the summer of 2012, LeBron hosted a celebrity flag football tournament, but only after Kevin Durant, his rival and workout buddy, played an ... Read on »
Your biceps can easily get a good workout carrying in groceries,... by karla522 Posted Tue 22 Dec 2009 8:33am Your biceps can easily get a good workout carrying in groceries, lifting up a toddler or toting textbooks to class. (Of course additional strength training in the gym is great for the front of the arms as well.) But the back of the arms? A little more difficult to strengthen through everyday activities. While the triceps require a bit ... Read on »
Workout,workout,workout by Fitzalan Posted Tue 13 Oct 2009 10:05pm That is what made me enjoy the weekend the most.  It was getting to be active.  After being on the couch all of last week, my body was itching to move.  I still haven’t completely shaken the headache (it was definitely there Saturday & Sunday) but I don’t feel like I have a fever anymore.  I am still awaiting the results of my CT Scan, but I ... Read on »