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Importance of Benfotiamine, L-Theanine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, MSM, SAMe L-Carnitine Tartrate by bestvite Posted Thu 04 Apr 2013 6:26am Various natural elements like Benfotiamine, L-Theanine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, MSM, SAMe L-Carnitine Tartrate are important for increasing body metabolism. These are available in the form of safe and dependable supplements which can be consumed in certain amounts as per doctor’s advice. Below given the importance of these substances: Benfotiamin ... Read on »
Lean Carnitine is a fat burning ... by Shelley .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 14 Sep 2008 3:15pm Lean Carnitine is a fat burning weight loss supplement. Lean Carnitine promotes fat loss by increasing body metabolism and by converting stored fat into usable energy. Moreover, it also enhances exercise performance, resulting to energy boost and added vitality. Active ingredients Lean Carnitine contains significant amount of Levocarniti ... Read on »
10 Ways Carnitine can help treat ADHD by Nicolas I. Patient Expert Posted Sat 18 Apr 2009 12:29am Carnitine: The missing link to omega-3 supplementation for ADHD Carnitine is one of the new "trendy" supplements out there today, due in part to the number of heart-healthy benefits that can be derived from it's usage (often alongside other new popular supplements such as Coenzyme Q10 ). I am not here to discourage these supplements, I ... Read on »
Vitamin E, Omega-3s & Carnitine for Autism Spectrum Disorders by Cindy M. Patient Expert Posted Tue 21 Jul 2009 10:32pm As a physician and researcher at Children's Hospital & Research Center in Oakland, Dr. Claudia Morris studies both kids and nutrition. Her most recent article is titled Syndrome of Allergy, Apraxia, and Malabsorption: Characterization of a Neurodevelopmental Phenotype that Responds to Omega 3 and Vitamin E Supplementation. Phew, what a title, ... Read on »
L-Carnitine and Energy (and Fat Loss to Boot!) by Dr. Jonny B. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Mon 21 Jul 2008 10:13am When I wrote Natural Cures I talked about the heart healthycombination of Carnitine and CoQ10and in my book on natural ways to boost energy (coming in January) I talked about the same pairing, calling L-Carnitine and COQ10 an "energy cocktail" (OK forgive me for being a little less than rigorously scientific here, but "energy cocktail" is a good s ... Read on »
L-Carnitine Quickie by Chris K. Patient Expert Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:32pm A number of people have asked about L-Carnitine. Here is what I know to date. Carnitines come in a variety of compounds that are commercially available as L-Carnitine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Propionyl L- Carnitine (they are all pricey). Although I have found no large scale studies there are several small scale studies at respected institutions ... Read on »
Jigsaw's New Carnitine Product by Pat S. Patient Expert Posted Sun 14 Sep 2008 6:07pm Here is an interesting article about the benefits of acetyl-l-carnitine. This article focuses on how this form of carnitine can benefit brain function. Jigsaw Health just started shipping a new Carnitine Blend product that combines the two most common forms of carnitine in one supplement. Many doctors recommend taking both forms. I like t ... Read on »
Acetyl L-Carnitine Pure Powder Supports Brain Function by franklinb Posted Sun 04 Jul 2010 12:00am Acetyl L-Carinitine Pure Powder Nutrition Description - 100% Pure Vegetarian Formula Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) is a stabilized form of the amino acid metabolite L-Carnitine and is utilized in the same manner in the body. ALC plays an important role in protecting and supporting brain functions. Look for other fine NOW® amino acid sup ... Read on »
L-carnitine found to boost sperm quality and fertility by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor Posted Thu 19 Aug 2010 2:05pm I remember learning in medical school that one third of cases of infertility are exclusively down to the man, a third down to the woman, and a third were due to issues with both. If true, that means that two thirds of cases of infertility involve male infertility, which I think is a higher percentage than most people imagine (my experience is t ... Read on »
Carnitine deficiency in scleroderma by Jan Posted Fri 12 Nov 2010 1:11am Patients with SSc have unbalanced redox metabolism and oxidant stress, as most are deficient in antioxidant micronutrients such as ascorbic acid, selenium and carnitines. Carnitines are present in all tissues and act as essential cofactors in the system that transports long-chain fatty acids across the inner mitochondrial membranes, where t ... Read on »