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PHYSICAL FITNESS FRIDAYS-CAPOEIRA by Veggin' Out With Christa Facebook Posted Fri 04 Jun 2010 12:00am Happy Friday Everybody! Welcome to this edition of Physical Fitness Friday! For the next few Fridays, I have decided to blog about alternative physical activities to try. I think that exercising can become like breathing if you find an activity that you thoroughly enjoy doing. So, I'm going to introduce you to different ways to get and kee ... Read on »
Capoeira, The once secret Brazilian Martial Art, combining Acrobatics, Dance, and Music by Doug Wallace Posted Sun 01 Sep 2013 2:34am Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and is sometimes referred to as "a game". It was developed in Brazil mainly by African descendants with native Brazilian influences, probably beginning in the 16th century. It is known by quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, ... Read on »
April's Great Dance Experiment! [Ballet, Capoeira, Latin and Breakdancing oh my!] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Sun 03 Apr 2011 10:44pm What I am about to do will likely really torque a certain segment of my readers. Believe me, I do not enjoy causing that little vein on your temple to throb as you resist the impulse to throttle me through my screen but I hope you will at least listen to all my reasons before you get all Kim Cattral on my bikini wax . (Sure she might have bee ... Read on »
Samba-thon Festival by thechiclife Posted Sun 20 Feb 2011 12:23am Well friends, I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. I must say today has been one of the best Saturdays in awhile! I posted a high level recap on my Facebook page, but today involved Zumba, creative kitchen stuffs (yes, I said “stuffs”), sunshine, Bailey, friends, samba, capoeira, and glow sticks. This morning, as promised, I g ... Read on »
All Show and No Go by John V. Patient Expert Posted Mon 21 Apr 2008 6:00pm Back in my younger years I had a friend who owned a 67 Chevelle. In those days the Chevelle was considered the muscle car, a real street machine. Just one small problem: my friend's car only had an inline-six cylinder engine under the hood. Those sixes were good on gas but pretty lousy in the horsepower department. Yet people were afraid to dra ... Read on »
How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 13 Nov 2013 12:00am November 13, 2013 Chris B. Editors Note: This is a contribution from Sergeant Michael Volkin, best-selling author of military books and inventor of Strength Stack 52 bodyweight fitness card ... Read on »
MarFest09 by Sue Wharton Posted Mon 14 Sep 2009 9:56am I went to the MarFest09 martial arts festival in Sunderland last Saturday. This was the first time I've been to a martial arts festival and it was a real eye opener for me. When I opened the door to martial arts two years ago I really didn't realise what a big world I was entering. Fourteen different martial arts were demonstrated including kung ... Read on »
Beachbody’s RevAbs Workout Is Coming! by Timothy C. Posted Sun 09 Aug 2009 12:00am You’ve heard about it. Now you can see what the excitement about RevAbs is all about! You can do crunches all day and still not get 6 pack abs. To ... Read on »
RevAbs Review and Giveaway by Mae Flowers Posted Sun 21 Nov 2010 12:00am RevAbs is an fitness program brought to you from Beachbody, the makers of P90X. It is a 90 day program designed to, “burn off the fat and give you a six-pack in just 90 days.” Brett Hoebel designed the workout using Abcentrics, to work your abs from 6 different angles. He shows you how to “fire your abs” through every move to make eac ... Read on »
Fountains of Snot Workout [Breakdancing is totally rad!] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Tue 26 Apr 2011 9:43pm Is this not the best workout picture ever? “Cherry Cherry Boom Boom” “One Hot Mess” “My Buns Hurt” and the strangely poignant “Somewhere I Belong” – One of my favorite things about besides their seriously hardcore workouts is all the fun names that Freddy and Zuzana give them. The names generally having nothing ... Read on »