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Moo Shu Veggies with Mung Bean Crepes by Ali S. Posted Sun 18 Dec 2011 8:09pm by Ali Seiter If you read my recent post on Thai cuisine, you’re aware of my strained relationship with food from Asian cultures—copious amounts of sodium, hidden fish sauce in an uncomfortable array of menu items, and nutritionally void refined white rice do not exactly reflect my health-conscious vegan vibe. How ... Read on »
FDA: Don’t Eat Tiny Greens Brand Alfalfa Sprouts or Spicy Sprouts by FDA Posted Mon 27 Dec 2010 5:13pm For Immediate Release: Dec 27, 2010 Media Inquiries: Siobhan DeLancey, 301-796-4668, Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA   FDA: Don’t Eat Tiny Greens Brand Alfalfa Sprouts or Spicy Sprouts Sprouts may contain Salmonella   Fast Facts The FDA is advising consumers not to eat Al ... Read on »
back to work! mung bean porridge a cup of split mung beans... by green tea and kimchi Posted Wed 16 Jan 2013 10:14pm back to work! mung bean porridge a cup of split mung beans (whole are okay too but cooking time will be longer) half an onion, minced two cloves of garlic, minced two teaspoons salt 들기름... go to to keep reading! Read on »
Alcoholism - Comprehensive Overview, Treatments, Complementary And Alternative Therapies by soothe Posted Fri 05 Feb 2010 6:18am Generals As far as the body is concerned, alcohol is a poison. Some of the effects of chronic alcohol consumption include damage to the brain (women may be more vulnerable to chronic alcohol consumption), liver, pancreas, duodenum, and central nervous system. Alcoholism causes metabolic damage to every cell in the body and depresses the im ... Read on »
Gluten Free Bean Burgers by Kate C. Patient Expert Posted Mon 20 Sep 2010 3:44pm Gluten Free Chickpea Burgers , Photo by Kate Chan The beauty of maternity leave, as I am discovering, is being able to spend time with my girls as our own pace.  On the weekends, rather than running every errand imaginable, we can have little adventures with the girls as a family.  (Although, I do reserve plenty of errand running to ... Read on »
Easy Vegan Spicy Peanut Soup with Fresh Mung Bean Sprouts (recipe) by Sarina Nicole Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 14 Jan 2009 5:13pm Made on a rainy night, this spicy vegan peanut soup was a cinch to throw together. The flavours of peanut and ginger combine to create a spicy, sweet and silky texture and the crisp, cool crunch of the bean sprouts prevents the overall flavour profile from ever becoming cloying. This is a rather non-traditional (in this part of the world) ... Read on »
How to Grow Mung Bean Sprouts by Mike Snyder Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 7:51pm 1 Comment Hello fellow sprouter, Today I have a question from a Raw Diet newsletter subscriber who asks “Hello Mike, I enjoy my wheatgrass and automatic freshlife sprouter very much. I have a couple of questions. First, what kind of beans are the ones we find in the grocers? The one that is long and white, used in Chinese food? Second, my ... Read on »
Personal Improvement Plan: Round 2, plus Sprouted Mung Bean Socca and Veggie Flour by lisakthrives Posted Sun 27 Mar 2011 9:16pm I never did a wrap-up post for round one of my personal improvement plan (PIP), but it did go well. I felt better, looked better, and everything was going well. I wasn’t actually sure when I’d end it, but it happened rather unexpectedly (and I’m taking full responsibility for it!). One day, when a temptation was presented to me…I just ... Read on »
Mung Bean Sprouts by Divina Posted Wed 01 Jul 2009 6:38pm I’m a frustrated gardener. I’ve tried growing cilantro many years ago but no matter what I do, they always die after they flourish for a few days. I’ve tried my luck again last year with other herbs and it seems that having a green thumb has been given to a chosen few like my brother John. Because of that, I did something that I’ve done duri ... Read on »
MUNG BEAN SPROUT AND MUSHROOM SOUP by Sutapa.G Posted Fri 02 Oct 2009 3:04pm In weekends all of us want to spend some good time with our loved ones . So no more extra talk today only a good mung bean sprout and mushroom soup for your loved ones and mine too. INGREDIENTS: Sprouted mung beans 1 cup Mushroom slice ½ cup Finely chopped vegetable 1 bowl (carrot, bell pepper, bea ... Read on »