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Doctors Warn Against Raw Milk for Kids, Pregnant Women by Medline Plus Posted Mon 16 Dec 2013 9:00am Policy statement from pediatricians' group bolstered by Minnesota study on foodborne illness Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Children's Health , Foodborne Illness , Pregnancy and Nutrition Read on »
Eating Healthy During Pregnancy by Melissa M. Posted Tue 02 Dec 2008 10:41am 1 Comment Do I really need to "eat for two?" While you are pregnant, you will need additional nutrients to keep you and your baby healthy. But, that does not mean you need to eat twice as much. You should only eat an extra 300 calories per day. A baked potato has 120 calories. So getting these extra 300 calories doesn't take a lot of food. Make su ... Read on »
Having a healthy Pregnancy by ExoticMommie C. Patient Expert Posted Tue 09 Dec 2008 10:45pm Not all birth defects can be prevented, but a woman can take some actions that increase her chance of having a healthy baby. Many birth defects happen very early in pregnancy, sometimes before a woman even knows she is pregnant. Remember that about half of all pregnancies are unplanned. ABC's...Pregnancy Tips (A-Z) A Avoid exposur ... Read on »
Statins and Pregnancy Steph ... by John R. Posted Sat 17 Sep 2011 2:53am Statins and Pregnancy Stephanie Seneff You may not be old enough to remember the disaster incurred by the widespread practice in Europe in the 1950's of treating depression with the then newly discovered drug Thalidomide. When you take a Lipitor tablet you are taking a drug that, like Thalidomide, is labeled "Class X" with respect to its po ... Read on »
Foods for Pregnant Women to Ensure a Healthy, Brainy Child by rajesh moganti Posted Thu 15 Jul 2010 5:23am It is thought that a child’s brain skills could be honed following birth – especially from toddler years onwards. However, pregnancy could also be a great time to begin. It is all about ensuring a pregnant woman’s diet supports fetal brain development and several foods could assist a baby is getting the finest start in life. Foods for P ... Read on »
How to choose the best diet for pregnant women by rita359 Posted Sun 21 Oct 2012 5:40am The saying “you should eat for two”, which our grandmothers used to say to pregnant women is not the best advice for expectant ladies as it turns out. Rather so, it is very important to follow a healthy diet for pregnant women, not only for you but for the developing new life in you. The calories sufficient for your baby’s proper development ... Read on »
Nutrition Guides For Pregnant Women by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Tue 28 Sep 2010 9:37pm Nutrition Guides for Pregnant Women. Nutrition is a fundamental element of a healthy pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, spina bifida, and many health related problems can be avoided with proper diet. If you are used to pushing your consumption limits at home and work, now is the time to stop. If you are running f ... Read on »
Weight Gain in Pregnancy: What's Normal and What's Just Celebrities by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Jun 2009 10:40pm It's official: I am half way done with my pregnancy! With 20 weeks under my metaphorical belt - like I could get an actual belt on these days - and perhaps less to go if the universe loves me, I feel pretty excited about this milestone. As I'm looking obviously pregnant now, there are many upsides - I'm starting to look cute in maternity clothes ... Read on »
Pregnancy Diet - Remember, you carry two lives. by Nick B. Patient Expert Posted Fri 21 Nov 2008 4:35pm Now you are not the only one so dear to your hubby, there is a little one in your womb who too is so important. Pregnancy is the result of successful meeting of your egg with the sperm. The egg is now fertilized and it has started multiplying itself and soon it will shape up in someone who will be the apple of your eye. In short, when you are ... Read on »
Pregnant women should up i ... by John R. Posted Wed 22 May 2013 8:37am Pregnant women should up iodine intake to increase child’s IQ They probably should.  People used to get iodides with their table salt but the war on salt may leave some people deficient.  Low iodides can turn babies into cretins.  Sea salt naturally has iodides in it and other salt is usually "iodized" Women who are pregnant or planning ... Read on »