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P.A.C.K. Those Lunches by Beth F. Patient Expert Posted Thu 30 Sep 2010 9:57am Tired of packing the same lunch for your kid every day? Role Mommy contributor Danielle offers a new alternative with the help of Welch's! Now that we are officially back at school and in the swing of things, the novelty of packing my kid's lunches has definitely worn off. With a picky 6 year old and 3 year old it's so hard for me to c ... Read on »
Pineapple Packed with Vitamin C & Manganese by onhealthfood Posted Mon 10 Jan 2011 5:33am Mark’s Daily Apple writes that pineapple is the only food with natural bromelain (an enzyme group that aids digestion, reduces inflammation and swelling, and speeds healing). These enzymes are helpful for muscle and joint injuries, gout, and  arthritis. Note: Cooking pineapple deactivates the bromelain. more of Health Food Pineapple is al ... Read on »
HODGSON MILL VITAL WHEAT GLUTEN WITH VITAMIN C, 6.5-OUNCE BOXES (PACK OF 8) by Jessie Posted Sun 30 Jan 2011 4:03am Case of eight, 6.5-ounce boxes (total of 52 ounces) Gives yeast breads rise, shape, texture, and extended freshness Contains no fat or cholesterol; high in vitamin C; no artificial ingredients Grain ground between two stones to ensure germ, bran, and natural oils are fully preserved Stone-milled in the Ozarks in Gainesv ... Read on »
Soy Joy Blueberry & Emergen-C: Product Reviews by DebinHawaii Posted Thu 13 May 2010 2:29am I'm still trying to catch up and get back into the swing of things--cooking, blogging, homework, life, etc. after a busy week so I thought I would post a couple of product reviews today. First up--As part of the FoodBuzz Tastemaker program, I had the opportunity to try the newest flavor of SoyJoy bars--Blueberry. Described by the compa ... Read on »
Pineapple Mango Vitamin C Booster Smoothie by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Fri 01 Mar 2013 3:01am After I’ve run 5 miles or finished the most grueling yoga class, and I’m hot, tired, and on empty, smoothies go down so easily. Especially the kind that taste like a tropical vacation.  I’m blessed to live in San Diego, and it’s been in the mid-70s the past few days during the middle of the day. It still gets cold enough at nigh ... Read on »
Musical Lemon Bars by Fay L. Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 7:08pm Musical Lemon Bars June 24, 2008 Hitting a high note:  musical themed lemon bars It seems the sort of function where one is to bring a dish or dessert dots my calender several times a month.  Most recently, I was asked to bring from sort of dessert for my daughter’s biannual violin recital.  I’ve already done the usual suspec ... Read on »
How to Fight a Cold: Heal Faster and Feel Better by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 9:16pm Each year, millions fight the common cold. This annoying virus has a range of symptoms which often restrict sleeping patterns and work schedules. It often lasts from 7-10 days and by the second day individuals are looking for quick and easy cures to feel better faster. The top 5 key supplements that can decrease the magnitude of the cold ... Read on »
Kale by HealthyAbandon Health Maven Posted Tue 07 Feb 2012 9:57am This leafy winter wonderfood will help to keep you healthy through the coldest time of the year. Dark leafy vegetables are highly nutritious, and kale is one of the top scorers. In winter your immune system comes under attack and this vitamin-C packed vegetable, providing your daily requirement in one large portion, is a potent defender a ... Read on »
Peanut Butter Coffee Cake by Lindyloo .. Posted Wed 11 Mar 2009 3:59pm                                         from Crazy Vegan Mom My absolute favorite part of this recipe is that there's a banana inexplicably in it. And I don't mean, "Oh, THAT'S kind of a strange idea, using a banana in this recipe." I mean, "There's a banana in this recipe, BUT IT NEVER SAYS WHAT TO DO WITH IT!" Which of course made m ... Read on »
Happy Tummy by Patient Expert Posted Sun 20 Jun 2010 12:36pm Oh man, the last 24 hours have been filled with some awesome eats…and baking.  BAKING BAKING BAKING.  Lunch yesterday: Marinara Baked Tofu with Laughing Cow Cheese, onions, tomato and lettuce.  With a side of raspberries and white nectarine And Dinner? Homemade Vegetable White Bean and Couscous Soup Desser ... Read on »