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How To Play With Her Breasts The Right Way by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Posted Sat 03 Mar 2012 9:00am The breasts and nipples are one of the biggest erogenous zones of the female body. Knowing how to effectively touch, kiss and suck on her breasts and nipples is one of the most essential skills that a guy can learn in the bedroom. One of the biggest complaints that women have is that men are either too rough or too light with their breasts. ... Read on »
How To Play With Her Breasts by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Posted Wed 04 Jul 2012 10:00am Foreplay can be anything you want it to be, but must guys go after a woman’s breasts. Here’s how to do it so you turn your lover on even more! Call them boobs, knockers, tits, titties, jugs, rack, the twins, juggies, hooters, bazookas or bazongas – call them anything you want – they all refer to the magical pair of breasts that has an ent ... Read on »
Aspirin May Play a Role in Breast Cancer Survival by Partnership for Prevention Posted Thu 18 Feb 2010 11:27am New research suggests that regular aspirin use among breast cancer patients may cut the risk of dying by 50 percent.  The Nurses’ Health Study surveyed 4,000 registered nurses and showed that taking aspirin two to five days a week cut the risk of dying by 71 percent, and reduced the risk of cancer spread by 60 percent. Survey results were publ ... Read on »
Inherited Factors Play an Important Role in Breast Cancer Progression According to New Study in Mice, but Prostate Cancer Family by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 07 Jan 2009 5:10pm Two different studies, two different types of cancer, and two different results based on family history of breast and prostate cancer.  As the first report indicates family history makes a difference on how genetic profiles can give additional information on the rate of spreading, while the other report relating to prostate cancer shows that fami ... Read on »
HRT and Breast Cancer Risks - Wyeth's Pay to Play by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 23 Dec 2008 12:47pm by MARTHA ROSENBERG Illinois (Where Our Governors Make Our License Plates) Revelations of Wyeth's pay-to-play, ghost-written articles in medical journals made public by Sen. Charles Grassley's (R- Iowa) this week could not come at a worse time for the company. The hormone-maker's bellwether case, Wyeth vs. Levine, is before the Su ... Read on »
How To Give A Terrific Breast Massage by Dan and Jennifer .. Health Maven Posted Wed 07 Jan 2009 3:07pm The eternal fascination for most men, and indeed many women, the breasts, can be an incredibly neglected and forgotten area in the realm of Tantric pleasure and touch. Think about it. If you’re  a man reading this, how much time do you lavish on her breasts? Do You Have Tunnel Vision With Women’s Breasts? The ‘Tunnel Vision’ approach ass ... Read on »
Breast Augmentation Gives a Natural Breast Shape by Ryan Andrews Posted Mon 04 Mar 2013 7:23am There are many aspects that together contribute to enhancing the beauty of a woman. Beautiful eyes, nice hair, cute smile, good skin, well-shaped body and other aspects play an important role in making a woman “beautiful” in the true sense. A perfectly shaped feminine physique has always been the inspiration for poets, sculptors and painters. And ... Read on »
Breast Enlargement for Women - How to Achieve the Desired Goals by Ryan Andrews Posted Tue 29 Jan 2013 4:48am Every woman has her own cosmetic goals. As a symbol of femininity, the size and shape of the breasts play a major role in making a woman look more attractive. Small, underdeveloped breasts may affect self-confidence. It's no wonder that breast enlargement surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Breast enhancement procedure ... Read on »
MInd-Body Healing: Negative State of Mind Can Increase Chances of Breast Cancer by Dr. Bruce F. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 7:13am I am a firm believer that healing is multidimensional. Many times I have witnessed what I would call a disconnect between a patient's way of life, beliefs, habits and health. In other words they do not see that behaviours and beliefs can affect their health in both positive and negative ways. Sometimes it is denial, other times it is a blind trust ... Read on »
My Nipples by Gillette .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 7:15pm that. What an odd title. But these days, they (especially the left one) are on my mind in a very acute way. History: I breastfed all three of my children. While I was not one of those good mothers who breastfed their children for 3+ years, all three had a fairly lengthy stint sucking on me. With each one, the nipples had to be t ... Read on »