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Benign breast disease and young women by Katherine B. Patient Expert Posted Thu 15 Jan 2009 7:53pm There has been a lot of information from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. I'm going to weed through it as I get time and post. A specific type of benign breast disease (BBD) known as atypical hyperplasia substantially increases a young woman's risk of developing breast cancer, even if there is no history of breast cancer in her famil ... Read on »
Teen drinking tied to breast disease by WellYourself Posted Mon 19 Apr 2010 11:49am From Reuters: Summary: In a group of nearly 6,900 women aged 16 to 23, researchers found that those who drank six or seven days a week had more than five times the odds of developing so-called benign breast disease years later. Earlier reports have linked adolescent drinking to benign breast disease based on women's recollection ... Read on »
Foods4BetterHealth Reports On The Link Between Eating Nuts And Reduced Risk Of Breast Disease by Len S. Patient Expert Posted Sat 16 Nov 2013 7:00pm, a new food and nutrition web site that believes that healthy foods can prevent disease and illness, is reporting on a new study that found that eating nuts regularly in one’s teen and preteen years is associated with a decreased risk of developing benign breast disease as an adult. As Foods4BetterHealth reports (ht ... Read on »
Natural Treatment for Lumpy, Painful Breasts and Fibrocystic Breasts with Cysts and Fibroids at Holistic Breast Health Center in by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Thu 21 Feb 2013 3:44pm Lumpy, sore, tender, swollen breasts are very common among women.  In fact, the Journal of Obstetric Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing estimates that 30-60% of women and at least 50% of women of childbearing age suffer from Fibrocystic Breast Disease or now referred to as Fibrocystic Breast Condition. Our lymphatic therapy practice focus ... Read on »
Iodine Treats Breast Cancer, Overwhelming Evidence by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Posted Fri 13 Nov 2009 1:25pm 1 Comment Dr. David Brownstein Reports Spontaneous Regression of Breast Cancer After Iodine In his Iodine book, David Brownstein MD reports three cases of spontaneous regression of breast cancer after iodine supplementation.(1)(page 63) The first patient, Joan a 63 year old English teach ... Read on »
A message about breast cancer by Carol Yeh-Garner Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 11 Nov 2008 3:44pm Breast Cancer is a topic that is close to my heart. My mother & several of my aunts have battled against it. All but one has won. I'm doing what I can to improve my chances of being cancer-free by taking Juice Plus whole food supplements to increase the phytonutrients in my body, eliminating toxins in my bodycare products by using Miessence certifi ... Read on »
Study Says Mega-Doses of Vitamin D Help Prevent Breast Cancer and Other Diseases by Sheri Goddard Posted Mon 14 Mar 2011 4:44pm According to a Study – What Vitamin D Can Do Current government recommendations of 400 or 600 international units (IU) of vitamin D a day are insufficient to prevent serious diseases like breast cancer, a new study published in the journal Anticancer Research has found. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School ... Read on »
Gum Disease (Gingivitis) and Breast Cancer Risk by Robert W. Posted Tue 26 Oct 2010 10:45pm     Weekly Health Update:   Gum Disease (Gingivitis) and Breast Cancer Risk "A critical weekly review of important new research findings for health-conscious readers..."   By, Robert A. Wascher, MD, FACS   Updated:  10/14/2010 The information in this column is intended for informationa ... Read on »
Misdiagnosis in Breast Cancer and Other Diseases by Dr. Charlotte Thompson Medical Doctor Posted Wed 21 Jul 2010 12:41pm There is a scary article in yesterday's New York Times by Stephanie Saul about incorrect diagnoses in breast cancer. Unfortunately, not only is there misdiagnosis in breast cancer, but other types of pathological diagnosis are frequently wrong. Having reviewed countless muscle pathology slides for patients I have found that the majority from ... Read on »
Estrogen-Only Hormone Therapy May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk for Some by HealthFinder Posted Thu 09 Dec 2010 12:00pm healthnewslink But experts question finding that postmenopausal women with low risk of disease might benefit. By Kathleen Doheny HealthDay Reporter ... Read on »