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Bone Density and FRAX Testing by Dr. Nancy T. Naturopathic DoctorHealth Maven Posted Fri 21 Nov 2008 4:28pm What Is FRAX? Old way to be responsible: Ask your doctor about a bone density test. New way: Find a doctor who knows her FRAX -- and if you've never heard of it, you're not alone.   FRAX is not a miracle pill or a fancy piece of equipment. Unveiled by the World Health Organization in February, it is an elegant patient assessment ... Read on »
Health Tip: Learn the Benefits of a Bone-Density Test by HealthFinder Posted Mon 14 Feb 2011 12:00pm healthnewslink It can help detect osteoporosis (HealthDay News) -- A bone-density test can help your d ... Read on »
Should I take Vitamin D if I am taking Viread or Truvada? by Nelson V. Patient Expert Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:28pm Vitamin D and Viread. Should I be concerned? Dec 1, 2008 Dear Nelson: Thanks for what you do for us I just read an email that said that a study showed that people on Viread had low vitamin D and may have problems with bone. Should I take Vitamin D with Viread? I do not want to have broken bones as I age Tony R ... Read on »
New Article About Bone Density by Pam Patient Expert Posted Mon 15 Jun 2009 6:28pm Susan Brown, Phd, of the Better Bones book and site, has remodeled her site and started a new blog. She does recommend my weight vest for her clients. Her first article is about the common myths of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. It’s all the same stuff I’ve been telling you but it’s good to have it all in one place so you probably will want to read ... Read on »
Osteopenia – Treatment For Preventing Bone-Robbing by rajesh moganti Posted Mon 06 Dec 2010 5:07am Osteopenia is a situation wherein bone density is to some extent below normal however not to that level of deficiency to be identified as osteoporosis. Osteopenia is a precursor to osteoporosis and when undiagnosed or untreated, it could augment the risk for developing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition when bone thinning and weakening o ... Read on »
Recovery may save your bones from staying brittle by Disordered Times .. Patient Expert Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:55am A recent study is saying that recovered anoretics who had the disease for more than five years have an incredibly good chance of achieving a normal bone density. How incredible? “[Of those who] recovered after being ill for 5 years, only 20% had low bone density.” Of patients in the study who had anorexia for less than five years, 8.8% had low b ... Read on »
Keeping your bones healthy with cottage cheese and exercise by Dr. Judith Wurtman Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Posted Wed 24 Jun 2009 12:38pm   “How many ways can I eat cottage cheese? “ Laura, my neighbor asked me. “My doctor told me the results of my bone scan. I have lost 18% of my bone density in the last five years. She told me to increase my calcium and vitamin D over the next year to see if it would help my bones. If it doesn’t work, I am going to have to start on one of those med ... Read on »
Has a bone density sc ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 08 May 2011 9:39pm Has a bone density scan placed you at risk for osteoporosis, leading your doctor to prescribe a widely advertised bone-building medication? Not so fast! A University of Illinois study finds that an effective first course of action is increasing dietary calcium and vitamin D or taking calcium and vitamin D supplements. ... Read on »
Higher vitamin D levels improve bone density drug response 700 percent by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 20 Jul 2011 12:00am – Vitamin D levels should be maintained above the limits recently recommended by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in order to fully optimize a drug therapy for osteoporosis and low bone mineral density (BMD), according to a new study by ... Read on »
Bone Density by FitthisGirl Posted Thu 27 Aug 2009 11:38pm A friend told me about an interestingarticlefrom the New York Times, which looks at the differences in bone density between cycling and running. The article highlighted a2006 study of cyclists with brittle bones. Aaron Smathers, a cyclist andgraduate student in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at the University of Oklahoma, was ... Read on »