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Live Healthy: by Holly C. Facebook Posted Fri 18 Nov 2011 9:42pm Want to work on your fitness? Start now. Start today. Begin making small changes towards a healthier lifestyle! Don’t know where to start? is a new community and website focused on the “Knowledge to Build a Better Body”. I have worked at Body Structure for nearly a year, and the trainers know their stuff. Now, Body Structure ... Read on »
For achieving pristine body structure by selenamontejano Posted Sat 28 Jul 2012 8:36am Testoforce is a supplement which is designed to increase testostreone levels in our body. With this formula our body can easily achieve muscle enhancement, greater stamina and energy levels for performing workouts and enhanced sexual desire.    Testo Force Read on »
Carve Your Body structure by tedpiggott Posted Mon 28 Jan 2013 10:06am There are many muscles building formula in market but nitric oxide is the best if you want significant changes in your body in less time. It is a perfect formula to boost the stamina of body and increase the muscle building rate. So bring home this formula today.   Nitric Oxide Read on »
Foot Fitness Is Important To Help Maintain A Healthy Body & Optimal Structural Support by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Thu 14 Jun 2012 3:45am  A building will topple to the ground if the foundation for its structure isn’t sound and stacked correctly, one brick on top of the next.  We increase our risk of injury and unnecessary wear-and-tear on our system if our human structure is out of whack. To maintain and improve our structural foundation, proper foot care, and foot fitness ... Read on »
Bringing Your Body Back Into Structural Balance: Is it as Simple As Strengthening the Weak Muscles and Movement Patterns? by Christopher W. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 19 Jul 2013 11:23am An article written by Mark Rippetoe for Testosterone Nation received lots of attention recently, particularly amongst health and fitness professionals around the world.  The basic premise of the article is that if a client – or you personally – are struggling with pain and dysfunction due to injury and/or structural imbalance, the way to fix […] ... Read on »
Zi xiu tang astonishingly pleasant alterations to face and the body skin tone and structure may very by lidadaidaihuabuy Posted Fri 14 Dec 2012 1:18am zi xiu tang very plus corrections to skin redness and the entire body skin tone and make-up are everyday greatest things about fantastic offer detoxify plan lengthy ago i set on a wedding and that i had several people (Ones which in turn notice i often) comment on simply how much money younger i do design, Our records data don't show the lates ... Read on »
Dr. Oz Explains About How Foot Structure Affects Your Entire Body by Dr. Andrew Schneider Posted Mon 08 Feb 2010 2:15pm Dr. Mehmet Oz is a MD who has been a fixture on Oprah Winfrey’s show and recently started his own talk show that focuses on explaining medicine in a way that the general public can understand. On one of his recent shows he explained how a person’s foot structure can affect their entire body. He showed the audience that there are three main foot ... Read on »
your body Herve Leger Skirts structure by bibberili Posted Thu 10 Jan 2013 2:35am Black is a color that I love, bright, beautiful and conveys the feeling of cleanliness and purity. The fashion expert and director of the institute of beauty and image. Despite what people believe, black dresses are extremely important in any woman wardrobe. NTR: It wasn't that we were bad, it was just that we were the ones with the big be ... Read on »
Posture – Structural Spine Support for Whole-Body Health by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted Wed 20 Jun 2012 9:00am The human body is the most amazing structure ever created! If our structure is properly supported, and all our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and body systems are in harmony – we can move, work, and play with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment for optimal whole-body health and a truly healthy and happy life. Kyphosis, Lordosi ... Read on »
New Structural MRI Test Can Diagnose Alzheimer's and Lewy Body Disease by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Sat 11 Jul 2009 11:52pm This is interesting news that is being discussed today at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (ICAD) in Vienna. A new test called "STructural Abnormality iNDex" or STAND-Map shows great promise in being able to diagnose dementia while patients are alive. The STructural Abnormality iNDexa is a scor ... Read on »