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Common Blood Test by Noman Khan Posted Tue 23 Jun 2009 6:54pm What Are Blood Tests? Blood tests help doctors check for certain diseases and conditions. They also help check the function of your organs and show how well treatments are working. Specifically, blood tests can help doctors: Evaluate how well organs, like the kidneys, liver, and heart, ... Read on »
Laboratory Tests and Blood Levels for Dialysis Patients by julius Patient Expert Posted Mon 16 Nov 2009 10:02pm Dialysis patients are required to take monthly laboratory tests. This is to ensure proper monitoring of our body’s blood and chemistry levels. These tests are also used by doctors as reference on how patient’s respond to dialysis, if they are eating right, their responsiveness to EPO shots via their hemoglobin levels, and so on. I have been ... Read on »
What Kind Of Damage Happens To Your Body After You Do A Hard Workout, Triathlon or Marathon? by bengreenfield Facebook Posted Thu 16 May 2013 10:06pm Have you ever wondered what your body looks like on the inside after you do a hard workout, triathlon or marathon? I decided to test it. Here’s how: I did back-to-back triathlons on one of the world’s toughest race courses (the Wildflower triathlon ). This brutal protocol consisted of a Half-Ironman on the first day, followed by a ... Read on »
February 8, 2011 by Michael B. Posted Tue 08 Feb 2011 1:30pm By all indications, one of the necessary evils of dealing with any disease is the constant and consistent need for blood work.  To break it down to the simplest terms, blood work is often what is used to confirm or refute an initial diagnosis.  If the diagnosis is confirmed, then this will, inevitably, lead to many, many more needle sticks.  Of c ... Read on »
Blood Work: Understanding BUN and Creatinine by Lauren B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 27 Aug 2008 8:33am In order to determine kidney function, a blood test called the BUN Creatinine is performed. BUN stands for b lood u rine n itrogen. It measures how much urea is present in the bloodstream. High levels of urea indicate that the kidneys are having trouble filtering it out. The most noticeable effect of impaired kidney function is a marked decrease ... Read on »
What Are These Labs For? by Dr. Marybeth Crane Facebook Posted Mon 11 Jan 2010 9:47am You go into your podiatrist office to have your foot problem evaluated and you walk out with a lab form for some tests. Why do you need them and what do they mean? Well, laboratory tests are an important tool to help us evaluate your health. Diabetics, people with swollen joints, people with foot pain symptoms that are unusual, people going ... Read on »
Meeting with Prof. Gertz, take two… by Margaret Patient Expert Posted Wed 14 Mar 2012 11:17am First of all, I’d like to mention that day before yesterday I wrote Prof. Gertz a quick note, telling him I’d written my first post about the meeting in Campi Bisenzio. He kindly wrote back, letting me know that my post was, and I quote, very accurate. Later that day, he sent me the newly published study about the Australian MGUS and ... Read on »
Day 183 1/2 year by stevenluch Posted Thu 01 Oct 2009 2:11pm fuck the last 6 months…. good fucking bye contacted the place where i have been buying my sterile water of previous. Yhey are a pharmeucitacal company in bangkok. Wanted to verify that their water did not have toxins such as chlorine or fluoride in their water. They refused to answer the question, stating they would not reveal how they mak ... Read on »
Resveratrol for Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trial by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Fri 20 Jan 2012 8:35pm Resveratrol is derived from plants and is found in highest levels in red wine and the skin of red grapes. A recent study reported that monthly and weekly consumption of red wine is associated with a lower risk of dementia. Alzheimer's Reading Room There is compelling evidence that caloric restriction can improve overall health by activ ... Read on »
SPOTLIGHT CASE AND COMMENTARY: Dangerous Dialysis by Healthcare Research & Quality Posted Fri 15 Oct 2010 5:00am Dangerous Dialysis Commentary by Jean L. Holley, MD List common errors that occur in dialysis units. Describe steps that can be taken by dialysis units to prevent these common errors. Describe the role of the dialysis unit medical director in promoting patient sa ... Read on »