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Blood In My Urine by paschalltwin Posted Thu 24 Feb 2011 7:54am My visit with the urogynocologist yesterday, didn't go as I had planned. The purpose of meeting with him was to discuss alternative of testing and treatment for my Interstitial Cystitis. The meeting quickly took a detour as they had detected blood in my urine--the last thing that I had anticipated. Actually, only two minutes before they told me I ... Read on »
Is it a urinary tract infection ? by Ahmad.H Posted Tue 30 Nov 2010 12:00am Urinary tract infections are common and they frequently affect both males and females. UTI is commoner in females than males due to anatomical reasons. By definition, urinary tract infection is an infection that affects the urethra, bladder, ureters or kidneys. The infection can involve any of these structures. Do i have ... Read on »
Natural Remedies for UTI Infections by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 21 May 2010 11:21am < p>Pain while urinating and blood in your urine are often a signs of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). UTIs are usually the result of bacteria in your urine. How the bacteria ends up in your urinary tract systems is not always clear but some people are more prone to frequent UTIs than others. Many UTIs can be treated naturally. Home ... Read on »
Natural Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) by Susan W. Patient Expert Posted Wed 03 Jun 2009 6:21pm 2 Comments A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that begins in any part of the urinary system, from the kidneys, to the ureters or bladder and urethra. Women tend to be at greater risk of UTI and are generally prescribed antiboiotic treatment, which in some cases can lead to recurrent infections due to increasingly resistant bacteria. There are ... Read on »
Round 8 by Shawndra T. Patient Expert Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 12:56am Well 4 months down! It went well today, I was tired most of the day, even before the chemo but no other major problems. My general labs (CBC) looked fine. They didn't draw the CEA or tumor marker this week. I was a bit sad this morning before chemo. I have felt so good the last week and a half that it was hard to know that I was going to be ... Read on »
Nighttime urination: A frequent boomer complaint -- article by Scott Keith by Scott Keith Patient Expert Posted Mon 12 Jul 2010 12:28am It can really be frustrating. You’re snoozing away in the middle of the night, trying to get your eight hours of quality sleep. In the middle of a good dream, you wake up and your bladder is telling you it’s time to visit the bathroom. You take care of business, get back to sleep, and hope you can avoid another visit to the porcelain throne bef ... Read on »
Drug-Resistant Infections in Hospitals May Be Less Deadly Than Thought by HealthFinder Posted Tue 25 Oct 2011 1:00pm healthnewslink Study found patient's overall health, injury severity more likely to determine survival. TUE ... Read on »
Warning TMI--Blood in urine by Marathon Mommies !. Patient Expert Posted Sun 25 Apr 2010 1:03pm So I know this is really gross, but I just have to ask.  I am marathon training and finished my last 20 miler yesterday.  Considering that I am very slow, this takes me a long time--like 4 hours 12 minutes long.  Anyway, hours after I finished my run, I went to the bathroom for the first time and noticed that my urine was very bloody.  I have had ... Read on »
Check for blood in urine, urges kidney cancer campaign by Niell A. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Tue 15 Oct 2013 7:27am West Bromwich Albion midfielder Youssouf Mulumbu and referee Dave Nixon are supporting the campaign  Posted by Neill Abayon If you see blood in your urine, even if it is just once, it could be a sign of cancer , a public health campaign warns. Kidney cancer diagnoses have risen by a third in the past 10 years in England. ... Read on »
Cyst on Kidney and Blood in Urine by Pkd Z. Facebook Posted Tue 17 Dec 2013 3:57am   Blood in urine, kidney pain, frequent urination, etc, are some symptoms due to cyst on kidney. Well then, how does kidney cyst cause blood urine? Is there a good solution for this healthy problem? Read on »