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Fingerstick Devices to Obtain Blood Specimens: Initial Communication - Risk of Transmitting Bloodborne Pathogens by FDA Posted Thu 26 Aug 2010 11:30am Reusable fingerstick (blood lancing) devices and point of care (POC) blood testing devices (e.g., blood glucose meters, PT/INR anticoagulation meters, cholesterol testing devices) [Posted 08/26/2010]   AUDIENCE: Primary Care, Nursing, Laboratory ISSUE: FDA and CDC have noted a progressive increase in the reports ... Read on »
Is your practice OSHA compliant? by Todd R. Patient Expert Posted Mon 13 Aug 2012 5:55pm By Randy Schauer, Esquire Is your office OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant?  Few physicians realize that OSHA violations can result in significant penalties.  Fox attorneys recently advised a medical practice cited by OSHA after an inspection of one of its offices. In defending the citation, we asked the OSHA i ... Read on »
Why the FDA Should Say "Yes" on a Rapid Over-The-Counter HIV Test by tdonohue Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Thu 26 Apr 2012 12:55pm In order to become the generation which ends AIDS we must progressively move forward using new technology to get people tested for HIV.  We must find new ways to empower people to know their HIV status. It's important to note that an OTC oral/rapid home test is not replacing the conventional way we currently test.  It is an additional resourc ... Read on »
FDA AND NIH HAVE INDEPENDENTLY CONFIRMED THE LOMBARDI GROUP FINDINGS by Joanne60 Posted Wed 23 Jun 2010 2:01pm There will be many patients suffering with ME/CFS celebrating today after the release of information confirming FDA and NIH have confirmed the findings of the Lombardi group. Already some patients with Lyme Disease are finding they also have XMRV so it will not just be the ME/CFS patients but also Lyme Disease patients following these develo ... Read on »
Big, Bad Babesia...And The Value of Muscle Testing by Connie S. Patient Expert Posted Wed 03 Feb 2010 1:01pm 2 Comments This infection can be killer to get rid of. Knowledge about how to treat Babesia is in its infancy, since only two strains of the organism can be tested for via conventional labs (and these labs most often produce inaccurate results), and some of the most commonly accepted protocol for Babesia--such as two teaspoons of Mepron daily, along with 50 ... Read on »
Product Review:Magnum Boots by Adam THOMPSON Posted Fri 04 Dec 2009 7:25pm As a marketing technique, many companies contact bloggers frequently to review their products. Every so often, we get free stuff in exchange for a proper review. I am an honest person, and I like to review merchandise with integrity. I also enjoy free stuff as much as the next guy. Recently I received a pair of Magnum Elite Force boots with ... Read on »
Hepatitis C — What You Need to Know by Bob Aronson Patient Expert Posted Mon 08 Oct 2012 3:49am More people in the United States now die from hepatitis C each year than from AIDS , according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . More than 3.2 million Americans are currently infected with hepatitis C and the really bad news is that most people who have it don’t’ know it. Let’s start with a definition. ... Read on »
Not making a splash by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 24 Mar 2010 2:18am A note this week from Dr. Michael Howell to the doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists in the ICUs. All – (For those I haven’t met, I’m the Director of Critical Care Quality and one of the ICU docs.) Yesterday marked 150 days without a single reported splash exposure in any of the nine adult ICUs. Previously, that would have been a ... Read on »
XMRV VIRUS PRESS RELEASE by Marjorie Tietjen Posted Wed 23 Jun 2010 10:45am Original Press Release from the Netherlands:  FDA and NIH confirm 'XMRV findings' Gendringen, NL (MMD Newswire) June 22, 2010 -- The FDA and the NIH have independently confirmed the XMRV findings as published in Science, October last. This confirmation was issued by Dr. Harvey Alter of the NIH during a closed workshop on blood tran ... Read on »
The spleen's jobs by Jeremy Posted Fri 28 Aug 2009 8:18pm 1 Comment The spleen is an odd-shaped organ that lies hidden away behind our ribs, posteriorly, on our left sides. It's functions are threefold: Red blood cell 'quality control' - the arterioles of the spleen mostly empty into a series of splenic cords. These lack an endothelial lining, and consist chiefly of a loose array of reticulin (a type of ... Read on »