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Take Advantage of Wholesale Pricing on My Favorite Line of Natural Beeswax, Aromatherapy Candles and Make Your Event Sparkle by Shane S. Facebook Posted Fri 18 May 2012 12:00am Candles add something special at home or the most You Will Love My Favorite Line of Aromatherapy Botanical Candles - and I Have Them for You at Wholesale Pricing If you are soon to be a bride, are planning a fabulous party or are hosting an eco-friendly event, you will want to take advantage of wholesale pricin ... Read on »
Mind Your Beeswax! by Robin A. Posted Mon 11 Oct 2010 4:29pm Some of my favorite natural body care lines contain bee products…they’re natural, moisturizing, and good for your body! I recently discovered Yellowstone Bees Body Care and want to share my experience with you. Yellowstone Bees Body Care is made a few miles north of historic Yellowstone National Park in Bozeman, Montana (hence the name!) ... Read on »
Love These: Pure Beeswax + Essential Oil Candles From Big Dipper Wax Works by S+E Patient Expert Posted Fri 23 Jan 2009 3:48pm Did you know the majority of candles are made of paraffin, a petroleum bi-product that pollutes the air (not to mention your lungs), and usually loaded with oftentimes toxic fragrances? I've been... {This is a content summary. For full post, images, links and more visit} Read on »
5 Reasons to Choose Beeswax Candles by Sean D. Patient Expert Posted Tue 13 Sep 2011 6:00am Beeswax is not only deliciously sweet-smelling and natural, it is a healthy alternative to paraffin candles. This long-burning, soot-free creation has been the lighting staple for homesteading for years and is now becoming popular for modern, urban families as well. Here are 5 reasons to choose beeswax candles. Candle placed in hive where ... Read on »
Sunday Funday: Beeswax Candles! by Danielle2922 Posted Sun 11 Sep 2011 9:21pm Warning: I AM posting pictures of the yucky ear gunk, so here's your chance to turn back! We had a great service at church this morning. I think I'm going to post about it tomorrow because some of the message was on an issue I feel really strongly about. After church we ran by GNC for Big Jon to get some Beeswax candles. He's still having s ... Read on »
Stocking Stuffer: Sunbeam's 100% Beeswax Buddha by Marie L. Patient Expert Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 11:47am You know why you get grumpy during the winter months? It's not just the lack of Vitamin D/sun but also the lack of negative ions. You know how the air feels so great at the beach, or after a thunderstorm? It's because of the negative ions generated by Mom nature. But in the winter when we're stuck inside, the dry heat tends to mak ... Read on »
Minding my own beeswax by Robin Patient Expert Posted Wed 06 Apr 2011 12:00am I think I have officially decided to mind my own damn business at work from now on. We have some new management (my favorite Big Boss didn't come back-too long of a list of conditions apparently) now that Owner has been let go. We have a new VP in charge of Operations that promoted Maintenance Guy to Operations Manager recently. I know that t ... Read on »
Beauty Products I Use (Eco and Animal Friendly) - Environmental Working Group ROCKS! by Kristen S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 07 Jan 2010 9:56pm I received the following from a reader: I would love to see more beauty product reviews and info. I'm always looking for a great new shampoo/body wash/etc... and I trust you to find the healthiest stuff. First of all, thank you for your confidence and trust. That warms my heart. And, thanks for making your request - it's a great o ... Read on »
Environmental In-Box: Softlips Pure Organic Lip Conditioner by Diane Patient Expert Posted Mon 20 Jul 2009 10:20pm Are you paying attention to your lips? Considering how many times you lick them each day, maybe you should. Many conventional lip products are made from ingredients you' d never DREAM of wiping your tongue on, like pesticides, dyes, and parabens. Lipstick may even contain lead. Ewww! Good news: Conventional cosmetic companies like Softlips ... Read on »
Review: Badger Cheerful Mind Balm + Badger Balm by Connie De Alwis Posted Wed 04 Aug 2010 12:00am There's something nostalgic about tins of balms that I don't think many people can relate to (because I'm weird like that). The application is literally hands-on and warming up the balm is somewhat therapeutic. I tote around with me four tins of balms, each for different purposes. They include the Badger Cheerful Mind Balm and the original ... Read on »