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Short Stories of the Family recent Happening's by Heather F. Patient Expert Posted Mon 26 Jan 2009 5:05pm Last Saturday we went to the zoo. Gavin was in his car seat with his little monkey stuffed animal. I could see him in the rear view mirror. Patting his monkey on the back and kissing it on it's head. It was so precious to watch. We had fun at the zoo. Did you know elephants eat Christmas trees a couple of the animals wer ... Read on »
Growing Up and a Tiffin by Meeta K. Posted Thu 14 May 2009 4:33pm Isn't it interesting watching how your kids grow and develop? Soeren is going to be 5 in August and I am enjoying his company almost every minute we are together. Once what used to be a baby whose vocabulary was reduced only to the "gooo goo" or "baah baah" and as a mum I was sometimes reduced to tears to figure out what was asked of me. Then w ... Read on »
A CHRISTMAS MEMORY by Carolyn C. Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Dec 2010 12:40pm  My favorite christmas story is the following one by Truman Capote.  Did you know that he was Harper Lee's childhood friend and that she based the character Dill in her novel To Kill a Mockingbird after him ?    He was indeed a unique character and a great American writer.   Merry Christmas to all .                A Short Story by Trum ... Read on »
Less Than Perfect Homeschool Family by Take Root and Write .. Patient Expert Posted Wed 03 Mar 2010 9:30pm Our family will never be on a reality TV show for homeschooling; unless they did a series on homeschool horrors. Don't be alarmed! My children can read, write, and do their arithmetic. But...what we couldn't do were homeschooling unit studies, textbooks, charts, schedules, chores, singing hymns, lesson plans, read-a-loud classics, te ... Read on »
Those Days Have Come and Gone by L.S.Fisher Patient Expert Posted Sat 17 Aug 2013 10:54am Maybe it was because my grand kids went home and the house was too quiet. Maybe it was just the thought of growing older and retiring. Whatever caused it, I had dreams of my brother Donnie, of Jim, and days long gone by. We were all younger in my dreams. As I awakened from a deep sleep the words echoed through my head, “Those days have come a ... Read on »
Book Review: Dream Weaver, Jane Yolen by Slee Posted Sat 26 Oct 2013 12:00am Dream Weaver by Jane Yolen My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book changed me. Huddled low in a library, trying to avoid the helpful gaze of a librarian and bored beyond all hope of salvation while my dad was busy talking to someone else, I plucked this slim volume off the shelf and decided to go ahead and read it. Don't misconstrue me a ... Read on »
Reading List 2010--Redux by Angel .. Patient Expert Posted Sat 04 Sep 2010 10:31am Most of my readers know I've got OCD (not the hand-washing, counting kind, more like the perfection kind). So when I take upon a task most of the time one of a few things happens I succeed, not without some serious anxiety (thus my life-long dependence on meds) I stumble, am not able to do it, and self-flog I realize I have taken upon ... Read on »
Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Chicken Soup for the Soul Books for a Spoonful of Inspiration Every Day! by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Sat 11 May 2013 3:38pm Chicken Soup for the Soul books are perfect for busy moms because the inspirational short stories can be read in small nuggets of time. Pick one up for a little bedtime reading, while you’re waiting for the kids to emerge from school or practice, or as a lovely way to start out the day. The following books are ideal for mothers. Chick ... Read on »
Bible Stories for Kids by Michelle Patient Expert Posted Sun 10 Feb 2013 12:00am Several months ago Lucas came across a Bible Stories for kids book and asked if I would buy it. He seemed really excited about the book and it was easy enough for him to read, so I said yes. It quickly became one of his favorite books; but it only has a handful of stories. So when the Tyndale Blog Network was offering a book called Bible St ... Read on »
Bedtime story (Πες μας μπαμπά μια ιστ& by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert Posted Tue 22 Feb 2011 12:00am My husband became a dad at an older age than most of his counterparts. When they see him on the street holding an under-10 in each hand, they laugh and nod their head, telling him he's got a long way to go yet. This may be true, but I bet that their kids never got to hear such good bedtime stories as the ones my husband tells his own.  I ne ... Read on »