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Fast Food Meals Under 500 Calories by Kimberly H. Patient Expert Posted Thu 18 Jun 2009 1:48pm And we're back with the weekly information from Men's Health... this week it's: The Best Fast Food Meals Under 500 Calories Arby’s Super Roast Beef Sandwich with Arby’s sauce with Fruit Cup, and a 20 oz Diet Pepsi 448 calories 19 g fat (6 g saturated fat) 1,272 mg sodium Replacing some of your daily carbohydrates ... Read on »
Healthy Eating: Smart Recipes for a Healthier You-Three Bean Salad and Tacos by Barbara Ficarra Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Thu 01 Aug 2013 12:20pm Smart Recipes for a Healthier You will be an ongoing series on Healthin30 recognizing healthy smart simple recipes to help empower you to take charge of your health.  The goal is to help provide you with inspiration to make cooking simple and healthy. My friend John La Puma, MD, professionally trained chef, a board-certified internist and N ... Read on »
Weight Watchers Simply Filling Slow Cooker Bean & Cabbage Soup by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 03 Jan 2013 10:13pm Simple Weight Watchers Cabbage Bean Soup I love soup. Eating a bowl of soup for lunch and/or dinner several times a week is one of my favorite strategies for staying slim. Studies show that people who eat a broth-based soup as part of a meal, especially a chunky one, eat less at the next meal, and fewer total calories throughout th ... Read on »
10 Thoughts on Calories by Roni N. Patient Expert Posted Tue 08 Oct 2013 1:48pm Last week I asked the folks in my YardStick meetings what topics they would like to talk about in the coming weeks and the idea of calorie counting was mentioned. Should you or shouldn’t you? I’m not claiming to know the right answer. Actually, I’d argue there is no right answer but while researching I learned a few things, so I thoug ... Read on »
Who’s counting (calories) anyways? by Kara L. Posted Thu 11 Nov 2010 3:00am With technology on the rise and smart phones appearing in hands on every corner, it’s no surprise that more and more people are counting calories. When I reflect on smart phone apps that track calories, I find myself in a caloric dilemma. On one hand, as people track the calories of what they eat, they are becoming more knowledgeable abo ... Read on »
My Take on Counting Calories… by runaroundaroo Posted Fri 25 Mar 2011 12:00am The following post is very wordy and completely void of photos. I apologize for that but I have a lot to say and absolutely no relevant photos! Alright, before I get into the gist of this post I feel like I need to address a few things. I don’t want people getting the wrong impression or jumping to any the wrong conclusions. 1. I d ... Read on »
Favorite Skinny & Delicious Black Bean Soup Recipes by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 19 Jan 2012 1:11am Black beans, also known as turtle beans, are high in protein and fiber, low in fat, inexpensive and nutritious. They also make delicious soup. Black bean soup is hearty, satisfying and super easy to make. It also freezes well so you can keep a stash of portion controlled containers in the freezer for those nights when you’re ... Read on »
A Receipt That Shows All Your Macros, Calories and Gives Health Advice – Brilliant or Frightening? [What I'm Eating These by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Wed 05 Jun 2013 2:01am Jelly Bean’s signature “disapproving” face – made even better by the fact that she is wearing her underpants on her head. This is what happens when you keep little kids in the car too long… There was a time when this would have been my ultimate health-nut-on-a-mission dream. Ladies and Gents, meet Nutricate: Why yes I ... Read on »
Beans 'n Toutans Bye! by Angie All The Way Patient Expert Posted Tue 27 Jan 2009 8:15pm I'm sooo excited! My friend Lena mentioned to me the other day that there is a guy who's got a little shop set up at the Halifax Forum called The Skate Doctor who sells second hand skates. So yesterday during my lunch hour I went there and scored myself a pair of skates to go skating this winter :-) They were only $20 and looked hardly worn at al ... Read on »
Meatless Monday: Garbanzo Beans Burgers recipe by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Mon 21 Dec 2009 1:20pm 1 Comment ***This is a delicious vegetarian burger recipe*** This vegetarian burger recipe is from the Meatless Mondays Web site! Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE a good meat burger and I’ll be honest, I like nothing more than trying out gourmet burgers created from the passion and creativity of a talented chef! That said, I enjoy vegetarian ... Read on »