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Natural Health Remedies and Back Massage Therapy by Doris C. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 04 Feb 2011 6:22pm There are many natural health remedies to improve overall health and wellness. I have been so busy in the last two months and since moving into a new city, I have yet to find a good massage therapy centre. Massage is known to improve blood flow and eases tension, thus providing relaxation to muscles. While gentle massages are pleasurable, i ... Read on »
Back Massage Therapy Continues by Doris C. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Fri 04 Feb 2011 7:02pm Further to the previous article, let’s talk abit more about massage therapy as a form of natural health remedy . Massage is an effective way of reducing back pain. The incidence or the severity of the pain can be reduced by finding out the exact reason for the pain, eliminating or modifying the factors/situations causing pain and trying to ... Read on »
Why Back Massages Will Never Eliminate Mid Back Pain by Sukie B. Posted Wed 09 Mar 2011 11:11pm Back pain – whether it be mid back pain, lower back pain or shoulder and neck pain – makes life miserable.  Even simple activities like sitting at a computer, watching a movie or just hanging out with friends lose their allure when you’re nursing sore, aching muscles.  Middle back pain is quickly becoming a common complaint, almost as com ... Read on »
Backarc Pro Neck and Back Massager by KovasP Posted Wed 21 Nov 2012 8:18am If you work out, you get sore, simple as that. If you're an elite or sponsored athlete, you might enjoy the ministrations of a professional masseuse on a regular basis. For the rest of us, the only opportunity we get to experience massage is after an event, when the free tables are set up. It's not enough. Foam rollers are a great addit ... Read on »
Thanks Day 15 (Back massages!) by Jessica Muir Posted Tue 16 Nov 2010 4:36pm I'm a day late, oops! Somehow I've managed to hurt my back....bad. It's at the base, and boy does it burn. I have no clue what I did to it, but I'm well aware that it is not a happy member of my body at present time. My back seems to give me trouble, a lot honestly. I'm always asking my husband for a back rub and I know he gets tired of it (sor ... Read on »
Lower Back Massage by Tracie B. Posted Wed 19 Oct 2011 3:00am Lower Back massages relieve tension while stretching and relaxing the body.  Technique: Begin by rolling a towel and placing it on the floor. Lie down on the floor with your lower back positioned over the towel. Use your feet to slowly slide back and forth over the towel to stretch your muscles. (You may also use a tennis ball, ... Read on »
How to give yourself a back massage by Viv Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 8:49am If you find that you need to massage your back and do not have anyone to help you, try the following: You will need a pillowcase, a tennis ball or two. 1) Place tennis balls in the pillowcase, 2) Hold the end of the pillowcase over your shoulder and stand against a clear wall, 3) Move the pillowcase accordingly to be placed where your bac ... Read on »
MASSAGE FOR BACK PAIN... by Barmac Posted Sun 15 Jan 2012 2:43pm If you have never before had a back massage then you must put it down on your list of things to do this year. There is no question of a doubt that back massage, in particular aromatherapy type massage helps to ease back pain, even if only as a placebo effect while having the actual massage. Of course, its complete heaven, but s ... Read on »
Back or Foot Massage, Memories & Scents, Favorite Scents & Perfumes by LoveVeggiesYoga Posted Sat 04 Sep 2010 3:00pm Happy Labor Day Weekend Friends!  How has your weekend been so far?  Even if you're not celebrating Labor Day, I still hope you're having an awesome weekend.  So far the highlights of my weekend are that I've power walked with Scott and Skylar and got a nice sweaty weightlifting workout session in in my garage home gym. And here are a couple h ... Read on »
TO MASSAGE OR NOT TO MASSAGE FOR BACK PAIN... by Barmac Posted Fri 01 Oct 2010 12:47pm Massage therapy could be worth a try for low back pain. Experts suggest that classic massage, Thai and acupressure can relieve low back pain. In Thai massage the limbs are pulled and stretched, and acupressure involves applying pressure to certain points of the body. I did a home study course on acupressure so that I could treat myself an ... Read on »