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Comment on 5 EASY WAYS TO AVOID FOOD CRAVINGS WITH AYURVEDA by Lori Guenter by Nadya Andreeva Facebook Posted Wed 04 Jul 2012 11:29am Good things to remember. I struggle with weight and body image issues and have done so most of my life. I’m happy to see someone offer insight that doesn’t involve buying a specific supplement or eating nothing but cabbage. Thank you. Read on »
Food Cravings- How to Control Them so They Don’t Control You by Cliff S. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Thu 04 Feb 2010 1:08pm Someone asked recently, “Can you mentally overcome food cravings?” It sounds like they have already taken the first psychological step to conquering cravings, which is being aware that there is something uncomfortable happening. Most people would just reach for candy or a soda, and think, "Oh, that's how you fix that." Unfortunately, one cravi ... Read on »
The 18 Most Common Food Cravings + How to Fix Them Healthfully by Nicki Z. Patient Expert Posted Tue 04 Oct 2011 4:31am We’ve all been there:  Tuesday night.  Home alone.  There’s oatmeal in the cupboard and eggs in the fridge, but all we can’t stop thinking about is potato chips – and ice cream.  Alas, many nutritionists believe our food cravings are actually telling us we are deficient of some nutrient.  Take, for instance, the following 18 common diet disa ... Read on »
Curbing Food Cravings by Dr. Jonny B. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Mon 26 Jan 2009 3:49pm We all know that food cravings are some of the biggest obstacles to weight loss. Smart dieters will do everything possible to avoid food cravings, rather than fight a losing (not as in "losing weight") battle. We mere mortals have smell, taste, and gut feelings intrinsically hardwired in our brains. These pre-human senses scream "Eat that food!" ... Read on »
5 Tips to Help You Kick Food Cravings in the Butt by Evelyn Posted Tue 23 Apr 2013 12:00am 8 Flares 8 Flares × It has been almost a month since I started eating to live.  What does this mean?  It means that I am eating foods that are nutrient-dense or those foods that are high in nutrients. I am happy to tell you, that I have not had any cravings for ... Read on »
Stopping Food Cravings Is this all you need to stop food cravings? by Bill .. Posted Thu 14 May 2009 4:38pm Food cravings are every dieters nightmare. There are very few times that you will be on a diet and not be tempted at least a little bit by the foods that you see and memories of fatting foods that just drift into your mind from nowhere. I had a craving for greasy fish and chips from the beach after smelling the food in the office one day, the c ... Read on »
*:.Food CrAviNg CuReS*:. by Heather McClees Facebook Posted Fri 19 Mar 2010 12:00am *Hello Guests* Thanks for the positive responses from yesterday's blog on eating Millie's SuperFoods. I love feedback and enjoy helping people wanting to eat healthier-no matter what stage of eating healthy you're in or what diet you eat!:) If you find yourself looking to food to satisfy you alone, you won't find it. ... Read on »
4 Food Items That Elevate Food Cravings by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Thu 22 Sep 2011 10:23pm Hunger during a weight loss diet is without doubt one of the main reasons why people cannot stick to their diet. Often those that begin to feel hungry will find it hard to follow their diet precisely, often snacking to fight the cravings for food ruins all the hard work to safely. Feelings of hunger can often be an issue during a weig ... Read on »
Food Cravings: 5 Lies Your Food Addiction Tells You! by Kelly Aziz Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Jul 2009 11:30pm Image by limaoscarjuliet Since I began the process of refining my diet to help myself overcome cravings and health issues, I have often been met with hostility and defensiveness. It has taught me to appreciate that what I know about particular foods and why I choose to cut them out, doesn't mean that others are ready to hear the truth or want to ... Read on »
How to beat junk food cravings by Fitho Posted Mon 09 Nov 2009 12:00am Junk food cravings are the worst when you’re trying to avoid it. Since we help you avoid junk food, here is our list of top ways to avoid junk food cravings: Water over sweets: Often you feel like something sweet after a meal. This is actually a signal from your body for Read more Read on »