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Non compaction of AV node : The curious electrical “archipelagos” and risk of fatal bradycardias ! by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 30 Sep 2012 1:57pm AV nodal tissue is a not compact structure as we would be believe  . But it is a fact ,  AV  node  do attempt  to compact after birth. It is never complete. Note the islands of his bundle entrapped .   Image source : M. Paz Sua´rez-Mier J Am Coll Cardiol 1998;32:1885–90 From the Section of Histopathology, Institute of Toxicology ... Read on »
AV Node Ablation: Why You Shouldn’t Have It by Mellanie H. Patient Expert Posted Thu 19 Feb 2009 6:31pm One topic, AV node ablation, makes the rounds of the atrial fibrillation discussion groups on a regular basis, and has just come back around again. All at about the same time, several afib patients’ doctors have insisted that they have an AV node ablation with a pacemaker implant. Thus they have come seeking others’ experiences. In this proc ... Read on »
A classical ECG of “Dead sinus node” and a “Sick AV node” ! by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Posted Sun 14 Aug 2011 2:06pm A man  in his 40s presented with an episode of syncope and followed by recurrent episodes of near syncope. His ECG showed (See image) ECG shows absolutely no evidence of sinus activity . That is  sinus arrest. He lives by the mercy of his AV node.(“Great  escape” junctional rhythm  ! ) . Please note ,  It  fires at less than its ... Read on »
Embryological basis of WPW syndrome : AV node complexeties unraveled from Amsterdam ! by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 30 Dec 2011 10:37am Most  cardiologists  are familiar with  “Circulation” . We know  it  is a top  cardiology  journal with highest impact factor.  Few of us are  aware  of  a journal called  “Circulation  research” ( I wonder  why it is named  like that ,  as if  the regular   circulation journal  does  not carry research stuff  !) It is one of the  path brea ... Read on »
I had an ablation for AV node reentrant tachycardia...horray !! by braveheart226 Posted Sun 01 Mar 2009 11:00am Hi, all !!    Just wanted to offer some encouragement for those of you considering cardiac ablation. My SVT problem was due to an extra AV node (the natural pacemaker of the heart). I was diagnosed in 2000, at 40 years of age. Over the years I have had episodes of arrhythmia that would not stop on its own and I would need to get a shot o ... Read on »
Did Pope Benedict Have an AV Node Ablation for His Atrial Fibrillation? by Mellanie H. Patient Expert Posted Tue 12 Feb 2013 11:55am There is interesting new information in an article today regarding the Pope’s atrial fibrillation and strokes. It reports that he had a bleeding stroke in 1991, along with a stroke in 2005. The bleeding stroke could certainly explain why he was refusing anticoagulants. Even more interestingly, the article also reports that he had a pacemaker [... ... Read on »
Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (Arrhythmia) by Noman Khan Posted Tue 23 Jun 2009 6:54pm Arrhythmia An arrhythmia (ah-RITH-me-ah) is a problem with the speed or rhythm of the heartbeat. During an arrhythmia, the heart can beat too fast, too slow, or with an irregular rhythm. A heartbeat that is too fast is called tachycardia. A heartbeat that is too slow is called bradycardia.Most arrhythmias are harmless, but some can be serious or ... Read on »
First-Degree Atrioventricular Bl ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 26 Jun 2009 5:21pm First-Degree Atrioventricular Block Shows Heightened Risk Patients have elevated long-term risk of atrial fibrillation, pacemaker implantation, and death 26 june 2009-- Patients with first-degree atrioventricular block may have an increased risk of atrial fibrillation, pacemaker implantation, and all-cause mortality, according to a ... Read on »
What is Atrioventricular Canal (AV canal) Defect by thomas Posted Sat 21 May 2011 10:24am Atrioventricular canal (AV canal) defect is a problem that exists from birth in which there appears some abnormalities in the heart. There develops a hole between the chambers of the heart and an impairment of the valves that regulate the blood flow in the heart, even during the first weeks of pregnancy. Triscupid and mitral valves, the two ... Read on »
How does VSD affect the conduction system of heart which is dangerously close to it ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Posted Tue 15 Jun 2010 8:21am VSD is  the leading  cause  of   congential heart disease . The natural history is wide open , from totally asymptomatic  , incidentally detected in   childhood to a fulminant cardiac failure  and death in early  infancy . Many small VSDs get closed by year 10. None of the large VSDs close spontaneously.Few of the moderate sized VSD ... Read on »