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EVERYONE BREATHE™ LAUNCHES NEW ASTHMA EDUCATION GRANT PROGRAM TO RAISE AWARENESS OF ASTHMA AND IMPROVE ASTHMA CARE IN SCHO by Cascia T. Posted Mon 23 May 2011 11:00am Press Release Ten $2,500 educational savings bonds awarded to students with asthma and ten $5,000 grants awarded to schools MARLBOROUGH, Mass., April 28, 2011 - Everyone Breathe - an educational ... Please visit The Healthy Moms Magazine for the complete article. Read on »
Asthma Story Asthma Azithromycin Asthma Zithromax Asthma Z-Pak Asthma by Jenna Smith Posted Fri 03 Aug 2012 10:07pm asthma Dr Hahn potential cure, AsthmaStory, buy zithromax online 250 mg, buy zithromax online 500 mg, buy zithromax online 600 mg, Dr Hahn, The bacteria Chlamydia pneumoniae, Zithromax, Zmax, ZPak, asthmastory, asthma story, Asthma cure research… Read on »
Is It a Cough or Asthma - Both - Cough Varient Asthma by Jennifer O. Patient Expert Posted Thu 22 Jan 2009 6:37pm I love to watch that show Mystery Diagnosis on the Discovery Health Channel. I don't like the show because I am all that interested in medicine, or science, I like the show because it reinforces an idea that I initially had a lot of trouble with - Doctors frequently have no idea what they are talking about. I think I grew up believing Doctors w ... Read on »
Get Help for Asthma at the Free Asthma Guide Online by COPDsurvivor Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Jan 2010 10:04am Are you wondering what bronchial asthma is? Did you recently have a chest x ray and were you diagnosed with asthma? Do you have a child that has been diagnosed with acute or chronic asthma? Do you want to know more about treatment emphysema options, stages of the condition, or about the different types of breathing issues that some people d ... Read on »
Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month: It’s Just Asthma by Jane M. Certified Respiratory Therapist Posted Mon 10 May 2010 7:29am COPD and asthma, although different, do have similarities – and they tend to run in families. If you have COPD you should learn about asthma and understand that it can be serious – very serious – even deadly. This is based on a true story, told from a respiratory therapist’s perspective. The names of people and places have been changed.   It was ... Read on »
Allergic Asthma and Non-allergic Asthma by Viv Patient Expert Posted Thu 29 Jul 2010 11:04pm Hi Everyone, It sounds like there are a number of people suffering from allergies and asthma these days. I know, nothing new however, I am concerned about my family and friends, so here goes: There are two broad categories of this disease—allergic asthma and non-allergic asthma and the symptoms are the same for both. With allergic asthma, all ... Read on »
Childhood diet linked to asthma prevalence, adult diet linked to asthma severity by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor Posted Mon 27 Sep 2010 7:00am Asthma has skyrocketed in the U.S. – the prevalence of asthma doubled between 1986 and 2005. Obesity is known to mechanically compromise proper function of the lungs and airways and is associated with asthma-related inflammation. Increased prevalence of asthma in obese individuals has been demonstrated in several studies, and there exists a do ... Read on »
Medical News: Hairdressers at Risk for Occupational Asthma – in Pulmonology, Asthma from MedPage Today by Annet Lenderink Patient Expert Posted Thu 23 Jun 2011 12:00am Medical News: Hairdressers at Risk for Occupational Asthma – in Pulmonology, Asthma from MedPage Today . Read on »
Alternative Asthma Treatment: The Power Of Herbal Medicine Against Asthma by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Wed 07 Sep 2011 4:18am Asthma is a long-lasting disease. Everybody knows it, or at least is aware of it. It happens to anyone. It doesnt pick a gender or an age bracket. attacks happen when the airways constrict due to swelling. This leads to the reduction of the amount of air that passes through. When the airways are narrowed, wheezing may be heard. When they ... Read on »
Insight into Asthma on World Asthma Day: 1st May by rajesh moganti Posted Fri 04 May 2012 1:41am Asthma is a chronic disease that affects our airways which are the tubes that help us to breathe and carry in and out of our lungs. If the inside walls of the airways are swollen and this inflammation makes the airways sensitive and they react to things which you are allergic to and they tend to get narrower and less air can be passed to yo ... Read on »