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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series : R. Sharath Jois by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 06 Jan 2012 12:00am This looks like a brand new video that was uploaded by alvinmstarks on YouTube. It shows Sharath demonstrating the complete Primary Series with his voice-over instructions accompanying it. Great quality & audio. Samasthiti - Read on »
Finding Your Best Practice – Ashtanga Yoga by Gregory S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 11 Sep 2008 2:02am Welcome to our new series on finding your best yoga practice. And since we are right at the start of Yoga Month the timing could not be better! From my introduction, I really want to help debunk and demystify some of the more popular and readily accessible styles of Hatha yoga. And please note, there are tons of yogic experts, practitioners, t ... Read on »
Ashtanga Yoga by Kodjoworkout Posted Thu 14 Jun 2012 8:00am What is Ashtanga Yoga? A common misconception about yoga is that it’s a slow moving activity focused solely on cultivating peace and relaxation. While this may be true of a restorative practice, intense forms of yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Bikram provide a power ... Read on »
Ashtanga Yoga App : Michael Gannon by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 08 Nov 2011 12:00am I finally caved in & got an iPhone 4s after being a Blackberry loyalist for the longest time. It must have been those consecutive series of outages that tipped me over when I was in Vancouver. One of my biggest hesitations about switching over to an iPhone was the facility of typing emails on the B'berry.Turned out to be not ... Read on »
Elephant Journal : Top 10 Reasons Why Ashtanga Yoga Is The Hardest Yoga Practice by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 10 Nov 2011 12:00am While browsing 99% Practice 1% Theory on Tumblr , I came across a link to the above list from a feature in Elephant Journal. You can read it in its full entirety & unintentional hilarity via this link : ... Read on »
Ashtanga Yoga :The Practice Manual by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 29 Sep 2008 1:04am I got a copy of David Swenson's Ashtanga Yoga : The Practice Manual over the holidays . It has proven to be an invaluable resource. My present work schedule no longer allows the gift of an almost daily practice that I had with my teachers. This manual has helped with the creation of a road map for daily self-practice . David breaks down all ... Read on »
Sunday AM Mysore : Yoga Chikitsa by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sun 27 Feb 2011 12:00am The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga is described in Yoga Mala as Yoga Chikitsa , yoga therapy. Sun. morning Mysore classes have become my favorite venue for hatha yoga because of the therapeutic & meditative aspect of this practice along with the calm & quiet (except for the soundtrack of ujjayi breathing) vibe of the shala. Here ... Read on »
Surya Namaskar Topanga : Ashtanga Yoga Mantram by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Sat 22 Oct 2011 12:00am It was a wee bit chilly around 7:30 AM this morning when I arrived in Topanga for our teacher  Jorgen C.'s  Yoga Day LA  AM class. The sun did finally come out at around the same time we started with the Surya Namaskar series , drying the dew on the grass at the Topanga Community Center. As Kayoko M. put it , " It was so n ... Read on »
Ashtanga Yoga Confluence : San Diego , March 2012 by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 25 Jul 2011 12:00am Thanks to Steve from   The Confluence Countdown  blog for alerting via email that he had linked up this blog to theirs. I don't consider myself a seasoned Ashtangi & still have to work through the Primary Series with the help of my teacher ; however I am humbled that advanced practitioners like Steve & Bobbi Jo follow this blog ... Read on »
Viparita Shalabasana : Ride the Breath Yoga by Peter A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Tue 10 Aug 2010 12:00am Fran Slavich from Ride the Breath Yoga demonstrates equanimity & moving meditation in Viparita Shalabasana from the Advanced A Series ( 3rd series )of Ashtanga Yoga. Read on »