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Healthy broccoli and pumpkin seed pesto: vegan, dairy free by Deliciously Ella Posted Fri 23 Nov 2012 10:03am Pesto pasta is a classic winter dish, everyone loves it. It’s so beautifully simple, yet so delicious. I find, however, that it can get a little heavy and rich, so I’ve been trying new lighter, healthier versions and this one was such a winner! It’s made from a seriously awesome list of ingredients too: broccoli, roasted pumpkin ... Read on »
How to Toast Pumpkin Seeds by Carolin K. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Tue 20 Jul 2010 9:07am Thanks for visiting! Don’t through away the pumpkin seeds. They are both healthy and tasty. Most people toast them for best taste. Just follow this toasted pumpkin seed recipe and enjoy more of your pumpkins. Ingredient: Fresh pumpkin seeds Olive oil ... Read on »
7 Great Recipes for Toasted Pumpkin Seeds & Video Showing How to Bake Pumpkin Seeds in the Oven by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 16 Nov 2011 12:09pm I haven’t roasted pumpkin seeds since I was a kid. But very autumn my mind drifts back to our family’s annual pumpkin ritual: after spending the better part of a crisp weekend afternoon picking out the perfect pumpkins at a local farm, we’d spread newspapers out on the kitchen table and get to work turning our pumpkins into jack-o-lant ... Read on »
Find out more about the health and nutritional benefits of pumpkin seeds by rita359 Posted Thu 01 Nov 2012 1:05pm With Halloween coming, make sure that after the carving of the pumpkins and all the trick or treat fun is over, you save the pumpkin seeds, because there are proven health and nutritional benefits. Raw or roasted, consumed as a snack or as a perfect addition to your salad and certain meals, these seeds are amazingly nutritious and delicious. ... Read on »
Pumpkin seed brittle–A flash from the past by Cheryl H. Registered Dietician Posted Sun 26 Oct 2008 5:13am Every year, we host a pumpkin carving party. And every year I hunt down recipes and plan and scheme. The last few years have been more challenging, and I do my best to make sure that everyone has something, except gluten, of course. So everything is GF, but some are dairy, soy, egg, corn, grain, sugar free and vegan. And of course, there a ... Read on »
Crunchy Salad with Lentils, Pumpkin Seeds and Avocado by healthymama Posted Fri 31 Jan 2014 3:36pm on by Dr. Anastasia Crunchy Salad with Lentils, Pumpkin Seeds and Avocado can be a healthy lunch all by itself: it has a lot of protein, good fats and fiber. This salad is also rich in iron, zinc, folic acid and calcium. If you cook the lentils ahead of time or use canned ones, your workload can be ten minu ... Read on »
How to turn your pumpkin carving fun into a delicious, nutritious snack with roasted pumpkin seeds! by Sukie B. Posted Thu 04 Nov 2010 8:02pm Usually when carving up your annual jack-o-lantern, you probably scoop out the pumpkin “innards” and toss the whole kit and caboodle, saving only the shell on which to practice your artistic prowess.  But did you know that inside all that goop is a highly nutritious and extremely tasty snack? While most pumpkins grown for carving aren’ ... Read on »
Pumpkin Coconut Soup & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds by Caroline Cain Posted Wed 12 Oct 2011 1:13pm It’s that time of year again when the leaves form a colourful carpet of gold, yellow, brown, red, the air has that crispness about it (verging on really quite cold here in Denmark!), the mornings are getting darker, it’s harder to get out of bed, night falls earlier and getting cosy under a blanket on the sofa is just around the corner…I love A ... Read on »
gluten-free pumpkin pancakes with coconut kefir chia seed pumpkin sauce by Pure2Raw Posted Tue 20 Dec 2011 9:44am hello luvs! as we mentioned yesterday we have some super yummy recipes to share with you this week. some are raw and some are baked. but every recipe is delicious and healthy! perfect for this time of year when people want satisfying eats but also stay on track with fitness goals, like us. that is why we created these recipes. ... Read on »
Recipe Wednesday: Maple Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Muffins and Sweet Potato Tater Tots by getfitchick Posted Wed 24 Oct 2012 1:26pm October Unprocessed Week 4 One of the biggest challenges of going “unprocessed” is finding healthy snacks. Speaking from experience, I know how hard it is to change eating patterns. It’s easy to reach into a box and pull out a couple of crackers; it takes a little more planning to reach for a healthier snack. However, once you have found ... Read on »