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Appointments, Appointments, Appointments....Which ones should Intended Parents attend? by Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 12:20am      You have started your journey down the road of Surrogacy and from the first phone call with your agency owner the appointments started. The first one may have been the phone conference with your potential surrogate and then a face to face meeting and then your surrogate would have her appointment with your RE...should you atten ... Read on »
Appointments, Appointments, Appointments…… by lost1234 Posted Tue 27 Apr 2010 10:14am The second half of my week is now full of appointments. I have DBT tomorrow and then on thursday i am seeing my psychologis. On friday i am seeing my social worker/care coordinator for our first proper visit, i then have a doctors appointment and then i have my rescheduled psychiatrists appointment. I think on friday i will be overwhelmed by al ... Read on »
Appointments, appoinments, appointments ... by Little Wonders Posted Wed 30 Jun 2010 12:00am Our return from Germany started what seems to be a 3 week marathon of doctor's and similar appointments for the girls. Let's see: On Monday, I took Liana to the ENT for a tube-surgery follow-up. Yesterday we were at the pediatrician with Amaya to follow-up on ther awful choking episode on the plane (more on that later). Today the girls have Ea ... Read on »
PACHA Appoints 11 New Members, Re-appoints 3 by Health & Human Services Posted Fri 05 Sep 2014 9:05pm By B. Kaye Hayes , MPA, Executive Director, Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services At yesterday’s meeting of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) in Washington, DC, Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Wanda Jones, swore-in 11 new members and 3 re-appointed members. ... Read on »
Teenage Dr Appointments vs. Baby Appointments by Carmen Patient Expert Posted Mon 18 Mar 2013 12:00am Your teenage can amuse herself with coloring on the paper that lines the table for hours. Just like a baby. Yes, we cut it out and took it with us. We were very proud. Read on »
Clements Worldwide Announced Two Senior Appointments to London by Gcl P. Facebook Posted Fri 24 Jan 2014 7:05am London, UK, January 24, 2014 - Clements Worldwide, the leading provider of international insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations, today announced two senior appointments in its London office to drive continued business expansion across the globe. Dan Francis, formerly Clements' Managing Director in the UK, has been ... Read on »
Clements Worldwide Appointed New Managing Director for Growing London Operations by Gcl P. Facebook Posted Wed 05 Feb 2014 1:14pm London, UK, February 05, 2014 - Clements Worldwide, the world's leading provider of international insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations, today announced that Simon Townsend has been appointed Managing Director of its London operations, following the promotion of Dan Francis to Vice President, Global Business Developmen ... Read on »
Update From My Endo Appointment ... by Jo C. Burzycki Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 9:53pm Update From My Endo Appointment Well first of all, the results of the kids' bloodwork came back last week. The results were pretty good overall. Both of them came back with good calcium levels which is very good and means Big B is hopefully finally doing well with his hypoparathyroidism. Both of their thyroid panel results came back showing t ... Read on »
November 23, 2004- Appointment &... by Jo C. Burzycki Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 01 Oct 2008 9:53pm November 23, 2004- Appointment & Kids' Results Well at my appointment today Dr L went over my ER visit and let me know that the blockage in my right kidney doesn't seem to be a stone and the infection is very mild which means I shouldn't have the kind of pain I'm having. So we're thinking it's cancer or pheo related. Ugh, more problems. I'm s ... Read on »
The appointment system is workin ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 10 Nov 2008 4:19pm The appointment system is working good and pretty well in use throughout...but there's the rest of the system...and where's any mention of incorporating genomics?  We will have that battle here in the US as well with new queries and data structures to be written as well....we will want to know as personalized medicine moves in...BD  The Na ... Read on »