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When Anxious Thoughts Get Buried Instead of Surrendered by Lisa C. Posted Thu 16 Aug 2012 10:00am “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.” (Psalm 139:23) Last week I woke up with many anxious thoughts after having a dream that my son had been placed in a classroom for both fourth and fifth graders. In the dream he had a fast-paced teacher that I was worried would leave him behind. The week befo ... Read on »
Reduce how you compromise yourself by dealing with anxious thoughts by Douglas E. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Sun 31 May 2009 10:15pm “The equipment used in connection with this operation will consist of the following items: 1 unopened newspaper; 1 sterile can opener; 1 large sterile plate; 1 sterile fork; 1 sterile spoon; 2 sterile brushes; 2 bars of soap; sterile paper towels.” That is part of a long memo from Howard Hughes on how to open a can of fruit without contaminat ... Read on »
be at peace, put aside anxious thoughts by Summer S. Patient Expert Posted Tue 15 Nov 2011 12:37am Last week in the midst of my tough moments, I saw this prayer  (see below for the prayer) on my friend Misty's instagram, and it gave me chills.   Good chills. Hope chills may be more like it. I immediately googled the words to find the entire passage and then wrote it on a slip of paper and put it in my purse.  I can't tell you how many tim ... Read on »
Thoughts of An Anxious Mind by Jules Posted Thu 23 Sep 2010 12:13pm Thoughts of An Anxious Mind When you have anxiety negative thoughts are constantly going through your head.  Below are examples of some anxious thoughts that I have, they are in no particular order, aren't constant and don't happen in every situation. There are many distortions to my anxious thoughts, (Dr. Burns talks about distort ... Read on »
Walking With the Lord: My anxious and fearful thoughts by Artistta Posted Mon 09 Jan 2012 10:56pm Over the past several months I have struggled with feeling anxious. Anxious for all the unknowns in both my life and in life in general. I am a person who likes to have life settled, needs to know where things are going and have some type of routine to my day. Since our move in the fall all of these things flew out the door and I have been stru ... Read on »
What To Do With Your Anxious Morning Thought(s) by Paul Patient Expert Posted Tue 28 Jul 2009 11:30pm You ever sit up in bed from a restful sleep and then immediately start scanning your brain for anxiety and sources of worry?  I have and I’ve done so plenty of times.  I seriously doubt that this is intentional on our part, it’s more of a habit you see.  A habit which can unfortunately throw a wrench into our entire day. They say that breakf ... Read on »
Control My Anxiety? The Thought Makes Me Anxious by Michele Rosenthal Posted Wed 20 Feb 2013 6:00am 1 Comment Most likely, you have thought or said something along the lines of: That makes me very uneasy – I am so nervous, I can’t stop thinking about it- I just can’t stop worrying that it’s going to happen again. These statements or emotions mean that you have felt or feel anxiety. Almost everyone suffers from some sort of anxiet ... Read on »
Why An Anxious Mind Can Make You Vulnerable to Suggestibility by Paul Patient Expert Posted Sun 15 Nov 2009 10:01pm Have you ever wondered why you become so afraid when you have an anxious thought?  It could be a thought about a potential panic attack, fear of embarrassing yourself, fear of going crazy or if you’re in a depressive mode perhaps fear of hurting yourself or someone else.  Most times you might yell internally and pronounce to yourself that you ... Read on »
How to Alleviate Anxiety at the Doctor's Office by thematrix777 Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 19 Aug 2011 12:00am My guest blogger today is Allison Gamble. She has written an interesting article about fear and anxiety when you have a doctors appointment. Of course, those of us living with a chronic illness go quite a bit so I thought these tips may help you out! Fear of visiting the doctor is not abnormal, nor is it uncommon. In fact, the Na ... Read on »
Anxiety and Panic Attack Tips by franklinb Posted Sun 04 Oct 2009 11:11pm I want to share with you some powerful tips for dealing with your anxiety and panic attacks. These anxiety tips form some of the latest teachings used in modern methods for dealing with anxiety. The tips are: Diet ... Read on »