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New Look at Alzheimer’s Associated Protein Amyloid-Beta, May Have Beneficial Function as Part of the Innate Immune System by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Tue 02 Mar 2010 5:02pm Unlocking the Mystery Could Be the Key to Finding the Cure.... Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D. The Amyloid-beta protein is a key contributor to Alzheimer’s pathology and has been thought to be just a byproduct of abnormal processes within the brain. But researchers supported by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (CAF) at Massachusetts General Hospit ... Read on »
What Is Causing Beta Amyloid Production In Alzheimer's And Autism? by Kim S. Patient Expert Posted Mon 01 Oct 2012 12:00am By Teresa Conrick It is not new news that beta amyloid, a protein heavily studied in Alzheimer's disease has also been showing up in Autism 2006 - High levels of Alzheimer beta-amyloid precursor protein (APP) in children with severely autistic behavior and aggression. 2011 - " The Weigel lab also reported observing secret ... Read on »
Mitochondria Dysfunction Occurs Early in Alzheimer’s Disease Prior to Memory Loss, Amyloid Deposits by Susan Berg Posted Mon 14 May 2012 12:00am Here is a great for caregivers and healthcare professionals, You will love the Here is information on being the best caregiver you can be Here is a way for nurses administrators, social workers and other health care professionals to get an easyceu or two Follow Alzheimers1 on twitter Highlight health ... Read on »
Insulin, Brain Function And Alzheimer’s Disease - Is Insulin Resistance To Blame For Alzheimer’s? by Ralph S. Certified Nurse Specialist Posted Mon 22 Sep 2008 10:54am By Ralph Sanchez, L.Ac.,CNS,D.Hom Insulin fulfills an indispensable role in your body’s utilization of blood sugar (glucose). In type 2 diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, insulin’s function of glucose uptake into the body’s cells is impaired due to a resistance to insulin that develops over time. This insulin resistance pattern which defines the ... Read on »
Blood Vessels Loaded with Amyloid Worsen Alzheimer's by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Tue 05 Feb 2013 9:07am Mounting scientific evidence shows that changes in the structure and function of cerebral blood vessels contribute to brain dysfunction underlying Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's Reading Room A team of researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College has discovered that amyloid peptides are harmful to the blood vessels that supply the br ... Read on »
Beta-Amyloid PET Imaging Agents by Posted Sun 13 Jun 2010 5:00pm Description of Invention: Available for licensing and commercial development are two novel classes of compounds useful as radioligands for in vivo imaging of beta-amyloid peptides and plaques in humans. Beta-amyloid peptide deposition in the brain is a pathological feature of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Early detec ... Read on »
Vitamin E Slows Functional Decline by A4M Posted Thu 16 Jan 2014 10:20pm Posted on Jan. 16, 2014, 6 a.m. in Alzheimer's Disease Dietary Supplementation Vitamins Vitamin E - image from Shutter ... Read on »
Function found for Alzheimer's protein by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Posted Sat 11 Sep 2010 10:17am Alzheimer's Reading Room In people with Alzheimer's, the brain becomes riddled with clumps of protein, forming what are known as amyloid plaques. Now, a report appearing in the September 17th print issue of Cell appears to have found a function for the amyloid precursor protein (APP for short) that yields the prime ingredient in those plaq ... Read on »
Alzheimer's chemicals may be natural part of brain function by Susan Berg Posted Tue 06 Oct 2009 10:03pm Here is a great dementia resource for caregivers and healthcare professinals, Here is information on being the best caregiver you can be Here are more interesting dementia brain boosting activities Deseret News By Elizabeth Stuart natural part of human brain function, recent research suggests. "You are actively forgettin ... Read on »
19 mar 2010--The emergence o ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Posted Thu 18 Mar 2010 8:20pm 19 mar 2010--The emergence of multiple new brain imaging technologies and the combined application of these new approaches is helping to create new insights into aging and Alzheimer's disease. One of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease is the deposition of amyloid beta protein in clumps or "plaques" within the brain. These plaques can be measu ... Read on »