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Tried Whey lately? by Marni R. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 28 Apr 2011 3:47pm As you know, I just LOVE my recovery protein....WHEY!!! Depending on the day, my workout and upcoming meals, I often go for a big glass of skim milk post workout. However, for long workouts and days when I need a boost in protein, WHEY is just a scoop away. Here is a great link to answer all your questions about WHEY in your active and healthy ... Read on »
Cortido: Homemade Latin American Sauerkraut by Marillyn B. Posted Fri 26 Jun 2009 12:00am I just recently made a gallon of Cortido this week and I realized that I've mentioned my Latin American Sauerkraut several times, but haven't shared the recipe... My bad. Let me share a little information before I share the recipe. This delicious spicy condiment is 'perfecto' with Mexican and Latin American food of all types. It is tr ... Read on »
Whey Protein and Weight Loss by John !. Patient Expert Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:01am This is a guest post by David Stanhope from Whey Protein King. Being overweight and obesity are words we are hearing more and more frequently everyday. In the UK, the Government are running a massive campaign to tackle childhood obesity, which is on the rise and aiming to promote an all-round healthier lifestyle. In America, 63% of Americans ... Read on »
The Great American Meat Out. by Carla B. Patient Expert Posted Wed 18 Mar 2009 3:40pm AKA Change Your Diet–Change The World. To know Miz (virtually or in real life) is to know she perceives herself to be all about the protein. The more Ive pondered this, however, the more it dawned upon me that I am, perhaps, less about the protein & more about the elimination of the processed white. The fluffy, preservative laden wondern ... Read on »
Do You Speak American? by Living-Learning-Eating Posted Tue 27 Sep 2011 12:00am Hi, guys! What fun stuff have you been up to? I got to watch someone get what looked like a USB stick drive inserted just below her skin. In reality, it records heart frequencies and, as she has a tendency to just tip over, lets the doctors know what exactly is going on in there when she tips over. Tipping over isn't always so good... :P I ... Read on »
Miracle Whey Peanut Butter Protein Powder Review by Freestyle Fitness Addiction Posted Thu 08 Apr 2010 1:00pm Yes, I am a total protein powder whore. I just got a new protein powder in the mail that I ordered. But it is SO YUMMY that I have to tell you about it. No, this is not an affiliate link and I am not being compensated at all for this. Did they hear my prayers asking for a yummy peanut butter flavored protein powder? Okay, so this is what ha ... Read on »
Whey Protein Helps to Lower Blood Pressure by A4M Posted Mon 27 Dec 2010 9:55pm Posted on 2010-12-27 06:00:00 in Blood Pressure | Cardio-Vascular | Functional Foods | To reduce the risks of stroke and heart disease, some researchers are ... Read on »
Do you have enough whey protein in your diet? by Marta M. Posted Tue 13 Sep 2011 12:15am Yes, read the title carefully. This is not a matter of asking if you are including whey protein in your diet. I’m asking if you are having the right amount. Why is this protein so important? Numerous studies show that whey protein supports weight loss, improves sports-fitness performance and reduces high cholesterol, among other health bene ... Read on »
It’s all Greek (yogurt) to me! {try something new} by Lindsay Maddox {DW} Facebook Posted Wed 09 Mar 2011 1:00pm Thank you to P&G’s Have You Tried This Yet? program and Kroger for sponsoring my writing about trying new things and breaking out of my everyday routine. Click here to find great savings on high-performing P&G products at a Kroger store near you. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective , which endorses Blo ... Read on »
Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Child’s Lunchbox by bengreenfield Facebook Posted Sat 03 Sep 2011 2:10am Remember “Lunchables”? When I was growing up, this seemed like about the coolest thing ever to find in a lunch box. Pre-made, convenient, healthy, and – as noted on the box – full of awesome stuff for kids, such as “An Excellent Source of Calcium”. And it would appear at first glance that Lunchables have gotten even cooler of late. Upo ... Read on »