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Airbags Protect Kidneys in Car Crashes, Study Finds by HealthFinder Posted Sat 23 Oct 2010 10:00am healthnewslink Findings are surprising and suggest additional research could reveal more benefits, researcher says. ... Read on »
Kidney Swap Dominoes by Victoria Powell Posted Mon 28 Dec 2009 10:36pm Image via Wikipedia This has truly been an amazing week in the news!  The largest ever kidney swap hit the news, and 13 people received life saving kidney transplants.  It all started with a woman in Maryland who wanted to donate her kidney, as an inspiration to serve others promoted by our current Administration.  T ... Read on »
Scarring of Transplanted Kidneys Less of a Problem Today by HealthFinder Posted Tue 12 Apr 2011 12:19pm healthnewslink New research finds more promising results than earlier studies. TUESDAY, April 12 ( ... Read on »
How Are Your Kidneys? March Is National Kidney Month. by CK Wilde Health Maven Posted Mon 01 Mar 2010 2:38pm Did you see the letter today in the Dear Abby newspaper column? What’s a newspaper? Ok, for those of you who only get your news online you can see Dear Abby at this link . In today’s Dear Abby column, a woman wrote in to report that she was diagnosed with kidney problems but has them under control and is feeling great. Last year about t ... Read on »
The Lupus Foundation of America's Top 10 List of Important Advances in Lupus Research & Education in 2007 by Duane P. Patient Expert Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 3:12pm 2007 was a year of significant achievement in the fight against lupus, an unpredictable and potentially fatal disease that affects more than 1.5 million Americans and at least five million individuals worldwide. Public and private funding for lupus research greatly expanded, and new efforts were initiated to bring greater public awareness to lupu ... Read on »
Health Headlines - August 1 by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Thu 23 Oct 2008 2:24pm North Dakota Hospital Adds Meditation Room Sherman Iron Shield used to sneak his son behind some elevators at St. Alexius Medical Center so he could burn sacred herbs to chase away evil spirits without setting off the hospital's fire alarms and sprinklers. He believes the practice, known as smudging, along with modern medicine, helped hi ... Read on »
The National Kidney Foundation Opens New Office at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center by Encompass Network Partners .. Posted Wed 27 Jan 2010 6:38am -Facility to educate northern Nevada residents about kidney disease- RENO, Nev.– In an effort to expand patient services and provide greater resources to the local community, the National Kidney Foundation will open a new office in Reno, Nev. at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center. The new office, opening on Aug. 28 will provide northern Nev ... Read on »
National Kidney Foundation — “End Kidney Shortage By 2019″March 10, 2009 by Bob Aronson Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:02pm The month of March is National Kidney Month and March 12, 2009 is World Kidney Day.   These dates are significant because they mark the beginning of a commitment by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) to “ End the Wait” for a kidney transplant in the United States in the next decade.   This effort needs and deserves your support.   Thousands o ... Read on »
Don't Just Sit There, Do Something! Part 12 Chronic Kidney Disease by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Fri 05 Oct 2012 3:00am Exercise vs sitting makes intuitive sense when it comes to heart disease & mortality.  If you've been following along, there's quite a number of studies looking at how physical (in)activity affects our health.  But what about our kidneys?  We know that our renal function declines w/age.  We know that certain medications are bad for our kid ... Read on »
Lower Blood Pressure Goal Benefits African-Americans with Chronic Kidney Disease, Protein in the Urine by Medline Plus Posted Thu 02 Sep 2010 8:40am On average, a lower blood pressure goal was no better than the standard blood pressure goal at slowing progression of kidney disease among African-Americans who had chronic kidney disease resulting from high blood pressure, according to results of the African-American Study of Kidney Disea ... Read on »