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What's in a label? Making sense of non-sense. by Janine Bolton, R.D. Posted Wed 07 Apr 2010 7:37pm Reader’s question: “I love bread, but I know that I should really keep my intake to a minimum. I switched to Silverhills bread a long time ago. They say “Bread Made Without Flour” and made with "sprouted organic grain" instead. Am I any better off eating this? Is it healthier, can I eat more of it?” Ingredients: Organic whole sp ... Read on »
Sprouted Grains: Nature’s Secret for a Thinner Waistline and Healthier Life by Mark .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 25 Jun 2010 3:04am This is a guest post by Alexis Bonari of When I first started trying to live a healthier lifestyle, I quickly realized one thing —low-carb diets weren’t for me. A week after I started cutting carbohydrates out of my diet, I felt terrible. I had no energy, I craved bread all the time, and I couldn’t focus. How was I suppos ... Read on »
Kitchen Sink Kitchari (an Anti-Candida Stew) by Ricki H. Patient Expert Posted Sat 23 Aug 2008 3:16pm These days, I can’t think of a single person I know who isn’t stressed. I mean, with all our modern amenities, our time-saving devices, our plugged-in technology, most of us are still plagued with a constant sense ”never enough” or “not up to snuff.” And I’m not too proud to admit that I myself am probably preternaturally sens ... Read on »
Tagatose Sweetened Gluten and Dairy Free Banana Muffins! by Sarena Posted Mon 18 Feb 2013 6:00am The boys had a long weekend with an unused built in snow day on Friday and Presidents Day today. So, we headed to Tennessee to visit Tony's parents. The funny part about the weather is that we were supposed to have flurries on Saturday at home, but didn't, however it snowed for about 15 minutes in Tennessee, so the boys saw snow anyway (during th ... Read on »
Amaranth Flour (Rajgira) Roti by StrandedMom Posted Sat 28 May 2011 8:27pm One of our local homeschooling moms sent me this recipe for a Gluten Free flatbread. Khaled loves bread and although the Jowar (Buckwheat) Roti I usually make tastes great, it takes more effort to make. Jowar roti is a bit sticky and the flour has a bland taste. Amaranth flour however has a wonderful flavor. The health benefits of Ama ... Read on »
Amaranth Flour Pancakes by StrandedMom Posted Fri 30 Dec 2011 11:00am An early morning request for pancakes and realisation that we had no brown rice flour left, led to some experimentation in the kitchen. Which, as you can probably guess, was successful. (Otherwise why would I post my kitchen failures?) Ingredients 1/2 cup Amaranth Flour 1/2 cup Tapioca Flour 4 table spoons Arrowroot Starch 1/ ... Read on »
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free) by Pure2Raw Posted Tue 05 Oct 2010 11:15am Yesterday Michelle and I bought some canned pumpkin at the grocery store and decided to bake with it. And we thought of making pumpkin cookies! Our family loves pumpkin so we thought this would be a nice dessert for everyone to enjoy Michelle and I also bought from Blue Mountain Organics their sprouted flour s. We have always wante ... Read on »
High Protein, High Fiber, Gluten Free Quick Bread by Kari-Lynn Posted Tue 26 Feb 2013 10:48am Ok let’s get something straight here. Contrary to popular belief, the words “Gluten-free”, “Vegan” and “Healthy” are not synonymous.  Just because something is labeled as “Gluten-free” or “Vegan” does not mean that it is necessarily good for you. In fact, often the pre-packaged gluten-free and vegan versions of our favorite baked goo ... Read on »
Weird Health Food in my Pantry [I'll show you mine if you show me yours] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Posted Sun 13 Feb 2011 10:55pm Real recipe from . My fave comment on it: LocalBoyMakesGoo: “Tried this recipe last night. The bacon was great, but the paper towels tasted awful.” "2 cups dried, unsweetened coconut, 1/2 c almond flour, 1/4 c coconut butter, 1/4 c maple syrup, 1/8 tsp vanilla and sea salt. Mix, roll into balls, refrigerate." It wasn't unti ... Read on »
Adding Non-SCD Foods Back Into Your Diet by Comfy Tummy Patient Expert Posted Mon 21 Nov 2011 11:31pm I recently received a message from a blog reader who wanted to know about good non-SCD foods to add back into the diet. Obviously, since everyone’s body is different, and may respond differently to different foods, this is a list based on my experience. My experience has all been based on trial and error, as well as research. Sometimes I would ... Read on »