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Psychotherapy May Be Effective Alternate Treatment for Schizophrenia, Study Finds by Medline Plus Posted Thu 06 Feb 2014 9:00am Cognitive behavioral therapy appears to help ease symptoms in patients who decline medication Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Page: Schizophrenia Read on »
Calling all First Episode Schizophrenia Torontonians by Rossa Forbes Posted Thu 22 Dec 2011 12:00am FIRST-EPISODE SCHIZOPHRENIA ALTERNATIVE MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT ONTARIO OUTREACH PROJECT   Raymond J Pataracchia ND, BSc © 2011/2012 Clinic Director, Naturopathic Medical Research Clinic December 7, 2011 Our outreach project, localized to the geographic catchment of Southern Ontario and US vicinity, aims to provide an advance ... Read on »
DJ Jaffe Missed The Message of the Alternatives Conference/ Huffington Post by Kristin U. Posted Sat 02 Oct 2010 7:28am DJ Jaffe wrote an article for the Huffington Post titled: It is offensive to me because Mr. Jaffe positions himself as an advocate for the seriously “mentally ill”. I wrote the following a long-winded comment: There is not one person attending the Alternatives Conference who shuns “the seriously mentally ill”. This gathering of ... Read on »
Schizophrenia Basics by Valash Posted Sat 16 Oct 2010 12:00am Every so often I like to reiterate my understanding of schizophrenia to ensure that my readers understand the basic information about the illness... In my experience and personal research on schizophrenia it is a complex brain disorder that affects thoughts, judgment, and sense of reality. Now, I will share with you some of my experienc ... Read on »
Modafinil: An alternative treatment for ADHD and comorbid substance abuse? by Nicolas I. Patient Expert Posted Sun 31 May 2009 11:31pm 1 Comment Can Modafinil (Provigil) Replace Stimulant Medications in Adult ADHD where stimulant drug abuse is a concern? It is a Catch-22 of the ADHD world. An individual is suffering from severe ADHD symptoms and appropriate stimulant medications may help remedy some of the negative side effects of the disorder. However, due to the high prevalence of ... Read on »
The Conundrum: to force, or not to force people to get treatment? (this is going to be a long one) by Jennifer aka Beautiful MInd Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook Posted Thu 17 Sep 2009 10:07pm I'm a little on the fence about this issue. I've discussed forced treatment before on this blog. The reason I'm on the fence about it is, while I agree with E. Fuller Torrey, author of Surviving Schizophrenia (which I think is an excellent book like no other that exists) and founder of the Treatment Advocacy Center on some points, I don't complet ... Read on »
The best and cheapest alternative therapy for schizophrenia by Rossa Forbes Posted Fri 13 Jan 2012 12:00am Information about alternative therapies for schizophrenia is cropping up more and more in research journals and in the media, which is a welcome change. In the past, it was almost impossible to find information about schizophrenia except in the medical context of "debilitating and chronic illness requiring life long medication." I have extracted ... Read on »
The New Brave New World: Natural Alternatives for the Treatment of Stress by Dr. Bruce F. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 2:14pm 1 Comment I am excited to present this guest post from Danielle Grilli from . Americans are stressed out! In fact, according to statistics released by the American Psychological Association (APA) in 2007, more than fifty percent of Americans claim that stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional lives. As explained b ... Read on »
New FDA-approved alternative treatment for treatment-resistant depression by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Posted Fri 10 Oct 2008 1:03pm - Millions of patients with treatment-resistant clinical depression, who have struggled for years with disability and how to cope with their condition, now have an alternative treatment option that could help them lead more productive and successful lives. The NeuroStar TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) Therapy system, developed by N ... Read on »
ADHD Alternative Treatment: Finding Out What Really Works by Dr. Rory S. Doctor of PsychologyHealth Maven Posted Tue 10 Feb 2009 10:15am 1 Comment Last night we kicked off the inaugural ADHD Family Teleseminars by talking about ADHD Alternative Treatments. If not the most frequently requested topic, it is definitely amongst the top 2 or 3, especially by parents of children with ADHD. No matter where you stand on the medication debate, considering alternative treatments is critical to su ... Read on »