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Herbal treatment for Pancreatic Cancer by Yusuf Saleeby Medical DoctorFacebook Posted Wed 24 Jun 2009 2:05pm 1 Comment Thymoquinone, the major constituent of the oil extract from a Middle Eastern herbal seed called Nigella sativa, exhibited anti-inflammatory properties that reduced the release of inflammatory mediators in pancreatic cancer cells. Nigella sativa seeds and oil are used in traditional medicine by many Middle Eastern and Asian countrie ... Read on »
Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer by Better Health Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 4:41pm Here is a list of treatments and procedures that are commonly used to treat Pancreatic Cancer : Acupressure Acupuncture Anti-itching treatments Bile duct bypass Bone Marrow Transplant Chemotherapy Distal Pancreatectomy Duodenum bypass Massage Nerve block Pancreatic enzyme supplements Pancreaticoduodenectomy R ... Read on »
Novel Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Under Study by HealthFinder Posted Thu 24 Mar 2011 1:00pm healthnewslink Experimental therapy destroys tumor 'scaffolding,' researchers say. THURSDAY, March ... Read on »
Pancreatic cancer treatment improvement by Katherine B. Patient Expert Posted Fri 31 Jul 2009 10:39am Prof. Yoel Kloog, dean of TAU's Faculty of Life Sciences has found a drug compound that is showing positive results in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Keep in mind, these are Phase I/II trials but the results so far show extended life and virtually none of the toxic side effects usually associated with treatment. The compound, Salirasib is ... Read on »
Is There a Natural Pancreatic Cancer Treatment by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Mon 02 Aug 2010 5:51pm If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, your doctor will present you with a few different treatment options. The truth of the matter is that you must try at least one treatment option that is available, or death from pancreatic...  Read on »
Patrick Swayze Dead at 57 After Chemotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer by OCnaturaldoc Health Maven Posted Mon 05 Oct 2009 10:03pm (Mike Adams, NaturalNews) Beloved actor Patrick Swayze died yesterday evening after a 20-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Having put his faith in conventional chemotherapy, he largely dismissed ideas that nutrition, superfoods or "alternative medicine" might save him, instead betting his life on the chemotherapy approach which seeks to poison ... Read on »
Podcast: ‘Cinderella’ radiotherapy, pancreatic cancer trial results, and Gaby Roslin talks bowel cancer by Cancer Research UK Patient Expert Posted Tue 12 Oct 2010 12:00am Click on the image to listen to the latest podcast In this month’s podcast, we take a look at radiotherapy – the ‘Cinderella’ of cancer treatments – and ask what can be done to improve the situation. We also find out about research revealing a genetic ‘volume control’ for some inherited breast cancers. Plus, there’s news of importa ... Read on »
An Improved Anti-Mesothelin Immunotoxin for Treatment of Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer Ovarian Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer by Posted Mon 04 Jul 2011 8:00pm Description of Invention: Mesothelin is a cell surface glycoprotein that is highly expressed in many cancers (e.g., malignant mesothelioma, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and pancreatic cancer). Because of its differential expression, mesothelin is an excellent target for the selective killing of cancer cells. For instance, an ... Read on »
Study on Fructose and Pancreatic Cancer Generates Premature and Potentially Misleading Conclusions by Health: Hearsay & Headlines Posted Tue 03 Aug 2010 12:00am /PRNewswire/ -- A study published in the August issue of Cancer Research (1) has resulted in several premature and potentially misleading conclusions when it comes to fructose and its effect on pancreatic tumor cells. Unfortunately, the media covering this story, and even the authors, have been too quick to extrapolate the results of laborator ... Read on »
FDA Approves New Treatment for Rare Type of Pancreatic Cancer by Medline Plus Posted Fri 06 May 2011 5:17pm FDA approves new treatment for rare type of pancreatic cancer On Thursday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Afinitor (everolimus) to treat patients with progressive neuroendocrine tumors located in the pancreas (PNET) that cannot be removed by surgery or that have spread to other parts of the body (metastatic). ... Read on »