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Fibromyalgia- Alternative treatments Manhattan,NYC by Dr. Shoshany Facebook Posted Mon 14 Jul 2008 12:00am This was recently brought to my attention by a patient, there are so many patients that suffer with Fibromyalgia and don't know who to turn to. I see fantastic results with Cold laser therapy, and Chiropractic care and Nutrtional protocols. Fibromyalgia: Little understood, often frustrating Story Highlights Nearly 6 million ... Read on »
Fibromyalgia by Rachel Miller Posted Thu 09 Apr 2009 7:16pm Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia How well do they work? By Jeanie Lerche Davis WebMD Feature Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD To get relief from fibromyalgia pain, more and more people are trying alternative treatments. It's often instinctive -- putting an icepack on a painful spot or reaching for the heating pad when mus ... Read on »
Relieving the Pain of Fibromyalgia With Yoga by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Mon 29 Aug 2011 9:53am The aches and deep stabbing pains of fibromyalgia are common, yet unfortunate pains that many women are forced to live with. With an unknown cause and no means of preventing this condition, researchers and fibromyalgia suffers are thinking outside the box to decrease pain and improve quality of life. One means of improving the health and well-b ... Read on »
Natural remedies for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia by Lindsey G. Posted Fri 13 Jan 2012 10:12am Do you suffer from unbearable fatigue and severe muscle pain? If the answer is yes, read on. Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) is characterized as unrelenting fatigue. Oddly enough, despite constant exhaustion, individuals usually find that they are unable to sleep. Other common symptoms include ... Read on »
Tai Chi May Help Ease Fibromyalgia by Medline Plus Posted Wed 18 Aug 2010 2:00pm Participants reported less pain, a happier mood and overall better quality of life Wednesday, August 18, 2010 WEDNESDAY, Aug. 18 (HealthDay News) -- Fibromyalgia sufferers may find relief from the chronic pain condition by doing tai chi, new research finds. Researchers divided 66 people with fibrom ... Read on »
Saving money on fibromyalgia treatment by Ciara S. Posted Mon 30 Apr 2012 10:31am I know from personal experience that when things are difficult, and you have really low energy levels combined with chronic pain it can be hard to base decisions on anything other then feeling better, but having fibromyalgia is expensive, and I believe that when the time and energy are there then is a good idea to make a plan for your financial f ... Read on »
Effective Alternative Treatments for Arthritis Pain Relief by hqbk Posted Wed 15 Jan 2014 6:59am Arthritis is a painful and degenerative condition caused by inflammation in the joints that causes stiffness and pain. The Arthritis Foundation reports that approximately 50 million people in the U.S are affected by arthritis. It is also the second most debilitating illness of Americans after heart disease. The National Health Interview Survey (N ... Read on »
Brooklyn Based Healthcare Center Providing Alternative Treatment for Arthritis by hqbk Posted Wed 22 Jan 2014 9:38am Along with commonly provided treatment methods such as physical therapy and other medical interventions, HealthQuest is providing alternative treatments for arthritis pain and associated conditions. HealthQuest is a leading rehabilitation center based in Brooklyn, New York dedicated to providing effective pain management and healthcare services. ... Read on »
Fibromyalgia Treatment Challenges by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty Posted Sun 05 Feb 2012 12:00am Fibromyalgia (FM) is a disorder involving chronic pain that has no known cause. It is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, sleep disturbance, fatigue and mood disorders. FM affects about 2% of the US population and ranges between 1% and 11% in other countries.  It is more prevalent in adult women than men (3.4% vs. 0.5 ... Read on »
Hormone Replacement Therapy - An effective adjunct treatment for Fibromyalgia? by Darden Burns Patient Expert Posted Thu 16 Feb 2012 9:01pm Fibromyalgia Syndrome occurs most often in women who are perimenopausal or postmenopausal. This suggests that decreasing female reproductive hormone levels may be involved in the development of fibromaylgia. Hormone replacement therapy or HRT involves the supplementation of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone for the relief of meno ... Read on »