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The Fertility Shuffle by Callie Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:02pm Many many thanks to all those who’ve commented on my last post and given us great vacation ideas.  Even though, as Erica said, I hope we don’t end up taking it – at least not as a consolation prize for a BFN – having it to think about and plan keeps me in a more positive frame of mind than I think I would be otherwise.  Weird how the mind wor ... Read on »
Put On A Happy Face by Kristen .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 12 Sep 2008 11:51am Today was not such a good day at work. I had a meeting with a client that I have been dreading all week. I just knew that the current media plan was going to be ripped apart and I'd have to be the one to pick up the pieces and develop a whole new plan. Well, sure enough that happened, as expected. But then, the client decided they wanted a bill ... Read on »
Warning: Common Incontinence Treatment Found Risky - Plus Safer Alternatives by Colette Bouchez Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 05 May 2009 6:02pm FDA warns about dangers linked to a common surgical procedure used to treat women with stress incontinence. Here’s what you need to know – plus a safer, alternative treatment option -by Colette Bouchez If you’re one of millions of women considering surgical treatment for urinary stress incontinence listen up: One of the most common surgical s ... Read on »
How the AMA maligned homeopathic and osteopathic medecine by The Body Chronic .. Patient Expert Posted Sun 24 Aug 2008 7:13pm For those of us blessed with chronic illnesses of any sort, you know that relief isn't always an M.D. away. Sometimes it takes several approaches from all angles to tackle a problem. Homeopathic medicine and osteopathic and chiropractic manipulation are extremely important to living the fullest life possible in The Body Chronic. It' ... Read on »
Worries About Autism Link Still Hang Over Vaccines by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Thu 29 Sep 2011 8:50pm A story just out from National Public Radio in the United States: Worries About Autism Link Still Hang Over Vaccines . Part of the survey on how the public views vaccines was a question on autism: Do you believe any of the following are linked to vaccines? 1. Autism 2. Cancer 3. Diabetes 4. Heart disease The answ ... Read on »
Searchable Patient Letters by Dr. Steve Nenninger Naturopathic Doctor Posted Wed 03 Jun 2009 9:20am I had a request to make my patient letters searchable and the best way I figured to do this was to put it into a blog post, so here it is. Dr. Steve, Sarah and I went out to see a movie and I was able to sit through the entire film in comfort without ever rushing to the bathroom. For the past three days I've slept through the night with on ... Read on »
Lyme Disease Coinfections by NatashaCall Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 3:36pm So, you've been diagnosed with Lyme disease, but not getting well with your Lyme treatment regimen. If you and your doctor are wondering why you're not getting well, it's time to suspect a coinfection. "Piroplasms are not bacteria, they are protozoans. Therefore, they will not be eradicated by any of the currently used Lyme tre ... Read on »
What is Sar-Coy-Doe-Sis? by OurHealth Posted Fri 18 Jun 2010 7:19am We lost comedian Bernie Mac to complications from pneumonia, but his sister-in-law told People Magazine that his inflammatory lung disease contributed to his death. "He had sarcoidosis, but it was in remission ," she says. "But because he had it, his immune system was compromised Sarcoidosis. A big name that draws a big blank for many ... Read on »
Dear Medical "Professional": Pardon Me While I Offer Up Some Advice by Ali Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Thu 25 Feb 2010 9:55am First and foremost, I realize that if I really want this blog to get the attention I want it to...I probably should show it a bit more attention! So, from this day forward I vow to post one post of some sort each and every day! I find myself having more to say than I have time to, if I take a few minutes to make this part of my day then ... Read on »
Flashback Friday: Dear Professionals... by Ali Patient ExpertFacebook Posted Fri 17 Feb 2012 7:28am Dear Medical Professionals: Pardon me while I offer up some advice By Alicia Harper Next, this post is exceptionally appropriate considering I have spent more of my last two weeks sitting on hold on the phone with various resources, doctor's offices, insurance companies, etc. while playing Farmville on Facebook. Not exactly what I'd ... Read on »