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Health Benefits of Almond Milk by Marci L. Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 05 Mar 2010 10:10am We are currently living in a world of “substitutes”. And by  substitutes I mean that one product can be exchanged for a different one, without having to worry about the lacking nutritional or vitamin effects. Almond milk has been used as a substitute product for a long time and offers many advantages to using it. It’s most impo ... Read on »
Health Benefits of Almonds by Swarnam J. Posted Wed 20 Feb 2013 1:53am February 16th was the Almond Day and I am a bit late in publishing this post. Sometimes it is better late than never. This post talks about the health benefits of almonds. Well almonds owe its existence to the Middle East.   Almonds make you smart. Now that’s a nice thing to know. They are rich in antioxidants and help you to ... Read on »
Raw Food Health Benefits: The Almighty Almond by Tera W. Patient Expert Posted Tue 22 Nov 2011 10:59pm Raw Food Recipes Raw Food Health Green Smoothies Tera Tidbits Success Stories Raw Food for Women Raw Food for Kids Raw Food for Men Natural Body Care Uncategorized 10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Blendtec Blender Are You Getting Enough Calcium on the ... Read on »
The Major Health Benefits of Eating Almonds by Mark .. Patient Expert Posted Mon 21 Mar 2011 9:10am Image by notahipster I don’t know about you but nuts aren’t something that I used to eat on a regular basis but just recently. I have decided to make some changes to what I eat on a day-to-day basis. A long time ago I used to eat dry roasted peanuts, which are okay in moderation but of course there are other healthier alternatives ... Read on »
Almond Butter by Tara Posted Tue 20 Apr 2010 12:00am Last week, something wonderful happened. I went grocery shopping at Meijer and found almond butter on sale for $4.99 and yes, that's still expensive for a nut butter—but it's super cheap for almond butter. Being the almond fan that I am, and having always wanted to try almond butter, I picked it up. And hoo, boy! I'm glad I did. Though ... Read on »
10 Best Foods To Eat | Healthy Eating by Matt C. Patient Expert Posted Thu 19 Feb 2009 5:12pm 1 Comment What Are the 10 Best Food to Eat? These 10 Nutritional Powerhouses Should Be Part of Every One’s Healthy Eats Cleaning up your diet and eating healthier is often just a matter of knowing where to start. Unfortunately, many people think that a healthy diet is only about removing foods, not adding them in. This list of the 10 Best Foo ... Read on »
Smart Fuel: Almonds by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 15 May 2008 10:00am (Obligatory “Nutty” Joke) We’ve known for quite some time that a peanut isn’t really a nut (it’s a legume), but turns out almonds have long been sneaking in to the mixed nuts too! In fact, almonds are nothing more than a seed for an almond tree, a medium sized tree that produces flowers and almond fruit. But that’s not where the tr ... Read on »
It's All About Almonds by OCnaturaldoc Health Maven Posted Sat 15 Sep 2012 4:13am Almond products are nutritious and delicious. Recent studies show that almonds are one of the most nutritionally complete foods. Almonds are cholesterol free, low in saturated fat, low in carbohydrates, high in dietary fiber, high in antioxidant Vitamin E, and high in Calcium, Riboflavin, Copper, Zinc and Magnesium.    ... Read on »
Health Benefits of Cacao and Macqui Berries + Cacao Protein Pancake with Maqui Berry Yogurt Sauce (superfoods/high protein/no su by sensualappeal Posted Sun 09 Sep 2012 7:00am Okay, so I hope I’m not boring you with my protein pancake recipes lately but this one was just so good I couldn’t not share it. Plus after posting it on my Twitter and Instagram , I’ve had numerous people asking me for the recipe. I’ve been a beast the protein pancake thing and I’m really excited about it. #sorrynotsorry. I actually haven ... Read on »
Health benefits of Garlic by Niyaprakash Patient Expert Posted Wed 02 Mar 2011 10:35am Health benefits of Garlic Source - Reader’s Digest Garlic boosts the immune system, controls blood sugar and lowers blood cholesterol. It is helpful in treating respiratory problems and poor digestion. It is known to have wonderful antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties. Other interesting facts: Garlic h ... Read on »