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Immune Cell Plays Dual Role in Allergic Skin Disease by Medline Plus Posted Mon 17 Oct 2011 6:15pm An immune cell involved in initiating the symptoms of an allergic skin reaction may play an equally, or perhaps more important, role in suppressing the reaction once it becomes chronic. This finding in mice could have future implications for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, a chronic ... Read on »
Mast Cells, Sickness Syndrome Implicated in Autism by Gina Nick Doctor of Philosophy Posted Wed 04 Nov 2009 10:04pm Researchers Theoharis Theoharides and colleagues from Tufts University have identified a link between mast cells (immune cells that cause allergic sneezing) and autism.  The researchers found that among 400 people with mastocytosis (excess mast cells in the body) the incidence of autism was five to seven times higher that the rate in the gen ... Read on »
Among Cell-Phone Junkies, Rash on the Rise by HealthFinder Posted Sun 14 Nov 2010 9:00am healthnewslink Skin doctors say nickel allergy is to blame. By Julia VanTine HealthDay Reporter SUN ... Read on »
Among Cell-Phone Junkies, Rash on the Rise by Medline Plus Posted Mon 15 Nov 2010 6:00am Skin doctors say nickel allergy is to blame Monday, November 15, 2010 SUNDAY, Nov. 14 (HealthDay News) -- If you're an incessant cell phone user and a mysterious rash appears along your jaw, cheek or ear, chances are you're allergic to nickel, a metal commonly used in cell phones. While allergists ha ... Read on »
FcepsilonRI -Bearing Human Mast Cell Lines by Posted Thu 31 Oct 2002 4:00pm Description of Invention: Allergic diseases, which include asthma, are a significant health problem in the United States, with 15-25% of the population displaying some form of allergies. The mast cell is the major effector cell of allergic inflammation and has also been shown to be involved in delayed hypersensitivity reaction ... Read on »
News Alert: Cell Phone Usage Connected to Health Risks by Dina S. Posted Sat 01 Nov 2008 12:00am by Mallory Creveling, beat blogger You may have heard the rumor that too much cell phone usage can lead to brain cancer, which researchers later found untrue, but doctors in London have recently discovered a new cell phone health risk. This time, it’s a skin rash. Skin allergy, according to MSNBC, ca ... Read on »
Mast cell tumors in dogs by heru m. Patient Expert Posted Sat 22 Oct 2011 5:21am Mast cells are present in most tissues, and therefore are especially prominent in the skin, lining of the lungs and digestive tract, nose and mouth. They may be a significant element of the immune system, with capabilities in inflammation and allergy reactions. Mast cell tumors (MCTs) are crea ... Read on »
Research topics: UV rays and allergic airway disease by Danielle L Posted Thu 01 Apr 2010 11:11am Although I haven’t done one in awhile, research-related posts seem to actually be well-liked by you guys (I was surprised and delighted by this!) So I thought I would revive the idea and make these a semi-regular feature of this blog. How did I pick today’s topic? I typed “asthma” into PubMed , a search engine for scientific articles, and picke ... Read on »
'Allergic Shiners' - a sign of leaky gut? by OlwenAnderson Health Maven Posted Mon 22 Aug 2011 12:46am The outside of your body can offer you valuable clues about what’s happening deep inside. You might have noticed occasional dark circles under your eyes after a night on the tiles, or when you aren’t getting enough sleep. But if you’re wearing dark circles frequently, it could be from something you ate, or a sign of ‘leaky gut’ from your digest ... Read on »
Sickle Cell --- The Big Secret by Tosin Ola Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Mon 25 Aug 2008 6:54pm This post is for Kem. When I was younger, my parents kept my sickle cell a huge secret. They didn't want me categorized and stigmatized as a Sickler. Although it was a good move in some areas on their part, it left me feeling like I was living a double life. When I was out sick, I would claim to have had malaria instead of sickle cell. I ... Read on »