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An Inquiry into Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) by WellnessPossibilities Patient ExpertHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Posted Mon 26 Jan 2009 4:35pm By Dr. Christine Gonzalez (PharmD, CHC) As part of my daily experience, I am often asked about dietary supplements by patients and colleagues alike. This happened a couple of weeks ago at the pharmacy when my co-worker asked me whether we carried alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and inquisitively inquired about its use. I was caught off-guard for a mo ... Read on »
Low Dose Naltrexone and ALA Being Used For Cancer and MS by Ginger T. Patient Expert Posted Tue 26 May 2009 10:04pm Mercola is highlighting interviews with Dr. Burton M. Berkson who has been successfully using LDN and ALA on terminal cancer patients, around half of which are surviving. "However, more recently, researchers have discovered that at very low dosages (3 to 4.5 mg), naltrexone has immunomodulating properties that may be able to successfully trea ... Read on »
Antioxidant and Nutrient, The Beneficial Effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid – ALA by Lucky V. Patient Expert Posted Mon 11 Feb 2013 1:00pm Alpha lipoic acid or ALA is considered a vitamin-like antioxidant as well as a nutrient and offers many health benefits. Alpha lipoic acid has been the subject of numerous research studies and clinical trials with many positive results. Alpha lipoic acid may help turn glucose into energy, protect cells from oxygen damage, and maintain the sup ... Read on »
Educational Technology Director to Address Digital Conference in Florence, Ala. by US Deptartment of Education Posted Fri 13 Sep 2013 5:09pm Contact:   Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Event Date 1: September 16, 2013 08: ... Read on »
ALA Youth Leadership Training Conference by Gina Nick Doctor of Philosophy Posted Tue 16 Jun 2009 12:21am Angel Light Academy (ALA) is a volunteer operated non-denominational organization that is very near and dear to my heart. The mission of this reputable and time-tested organization is to enhance the health, happiness, and well-being of individuals through the practice and demonstration of unconditional love, as well as through education, res ... Read on »
Hit or Miss & Pasta Ala Abbe by Erica Sara Posted Wed 28 Mar 2012 1:09pm Hit or Miss pretty much sums of my runs lately. Each time I head out, I have no idea what to expect. A good run? A bad run? An "is this even running" run? And it's seriously messing with my head. I'm finally at a point in my running again, when a typical weekday run is about 4 or 5 miles and it feels pretty good. But it's the longer runs tha ... Read on »
Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) by Lucky V. Patient Expert Posted Fri 19 Jul 2013 9:46am Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) , also known as thioctic acid, is a vitamin-like substance made by the body in humans and functions as an antioxidant. Not only is it an antioxidant but it helps regenerate other antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and glutathione. It is found in every cell and functions to help convert glucose into energy. ... Read on »
Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Ala King by Martha M. Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 14 Nov 2013 2:30pm (Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Cooking Day 45) I made this easy slow cooker chicken ala king to serve on top of   Easy Crock Pot Baked Potatoes recently. It’s a combination of a couple of different recipes that came together really quickly thanks to a can of creamy roasted garlic  Progresso Recipe Starters in the pantry. ... Read on »
Video from the ALA 2012 Fight for Air Climb - Inspiration from Roxlyn Cole, Mike McBride, Others by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Sat 03 Mar 2012 10:02pm American Lung Association 2012 Fight For Air Climb, Denver, CO. On February 26, 2012, one breath and one stair at a time, the American Lung Association in Colorado and an estimated 2400 Coloradans climbed Republic Plaza, the tallest building in the Rocky Mountain West, to take steps in their fight to prevent lung disea ... Read on »
Hummingbird Don't Fly Away "Alas... by Soulshiner Healthy Living Professional Posted Fri 17 Oct 2008 9:14pm Hummingbird Don't Fly Away "Alas here comes the Gardener He's come to till the flowers The drought of understanding, Wisdom, peace and love is ours." James Seals & Dash Crofts An autumn breeze filled the air here this afternoon. It sliced through the warm air like a ghostly open hand, slapping me occasionally to le ... Read on »